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Jun 22, 2010 04:51 PM

Sexy food?

I went out to dinner Saturday night with some girlfriends. I ordered my usual at the place: a simple but buttery filet mignon, grilled vegetables, and a glass of Pinot Noir. One of my friends semi-jokingly remarked, "Ohhh, red wine and steak, so sexy!" after I ordered, and we were instantly catapulted into a discussion of what food actually IS considered 'sexy'.

One of the girls argued that anything French or Italian is considered seductive. None of us could disagree with the Italian part of her stance. She has two aunts that live in Italy and come to visit her family every single summer. I've met them several times, and I adore them. Everything about them is earthy, sensual. They make the simplest dishes, like perfumed oranges with aged balsamic, olive oil, and thin slices of prosciutto, seem like an intoxicating, exotic treat.

However, I brought up the whole aspic fiasco that went down in Julie Powell's book as she worked her way through 'Mastering The Art of French Cooking' and we agreed that not ALL French food gets your pulse racing in a good way.

Someone else said sexy food is messy food, and referenced an old commercial where a couple slurps on peaches while gazing salacaiously at one another from across the table.

I mentioned that I'm a sucker for old school seduction fare: strawberries, whipped cream, champagne, chocolate souffle, chocolate truffles, chocolate anything, really.

So what does the rest of Chowhound think? What foods, recipes, even menus strike you as sexy? Sensual? Romantic? Lust-inducing? etc?

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  1. Any chocolate raspberry combo is dead sexy to me.

    Ice cream cones can be damn near erotic, if you're, uh, pervy like that. Ahem.

    My new husband made our first homemade dinner as a married couple a romantic one; it was last weekend and I just loved it. We started with arugula, goat cheese, and grilled peaches with a champagne vinaigrette. Then we had lamb with a sour cherry and sweet wine sauce, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Dessert was simply some chocolate ice cream. That will serve as one of the most seductive meals in the universe to me.

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      Congrats on your marriage! I'm getting married next June, I can hardly wait. :)

      Ice cream cones ARE erotic, dammit. The first time I finished an entire vanilla cone in front of my now fiance, he told me he wanted to throw me down and take me on the spot. (Luckily he restrained himself because we were at an outdoor concert and there were 200 people in the vicinity.)

      And ohh, your first newlywed dinner sounds delicious! What a sweetheart he must be.

    2. I agree that messy food is sexy food, particularly anything that is managed with fingers. I hold a belief that food and sex are the most sensual experiences available to us and it's all to do with stimulating all 5 senses. Which is probably why I like to play with my food (I love eating with my fingers!) and I always have my nose in my wine glass - I swear I spend more time smelling my wine than actually tasting it. Actually that would explain my habit of spending time looking at food porn and why I love the snapping sound of a really excellent raspberry chocolate from Simon Johnson. Hmmmm...

      1. I don't consider most food sexy, and definitely have a hard time with classic images--girl biting into chocolate--dipped strawberry, etc. Just doesn't do anything for me. If I was picking though, I'd have to say anything clean, simple, crisp and light can be sexy. A bowl of cherries, strawberries, or raspberries. A plate of oysters on the halfshelf or clams with a gin martini, 3 olives. There's a painting in the national gallery in DC (can't remember who did it) that shows a table loaded with the remains of a feast, especially heaps of empty oyster and clam shelves, half-empty bottles of wine and knocked over bottles with wine dripping out. Very obviously the people had a marvelous feast and then rushed off to....other activities....leaving the table decimated. Love that painting.

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          If anyone can comment on what the painting might have been and the author, I'd appreciate it. Can't remember and would love to frame a nice print.

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            Is it Willem Claesz Heda's 'Still Life with Gilt Goblet'?

            1. re: onceadaylily

              That may well be it--I'm not certain. Oh well--I don't mind an excuse for another trip to the National Gallery.

            2. re: mdzehnder

              It's not the one you're talking about, but this painting also features seafood and wine, and is obviously...ummm...pre-rushing off. This one hangs on my kitchen wall. It's also, as you may notice, my icon. It's hard to get a look at the details there, but this one will enlarge if you click it. (Double entendre intentional)

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                P.S. Could this be the painting you're thinking of? If so, it's Willem Claesz Heda's Banquet Piece with Mince Pie, painted in1635.

                Edit: just googled the one onceadaylily referenced above and they appear to be the same painting in mirror image! Tsk! Just when I thought you could trust stuff you found on the internet...

          2. I have to agree a bowl of berries, cherries and or grapes can be very sensual. Fleshy fruits such as peaches and nectarines as well. Oysters have always been considered an aphrodeciac. Oysters and sushi/sashimi is very sexy to me.

            1. You want to see sexy food? Check out this site. Click the small images at the top of the page to enlarge each one.

              Someone gave me this book for my birthday - the full-size glossy images (there are lots more that are not available on the Web site) are stunning.


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                I just got into oysters BobB, thanks for ruining them for me.

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                  Sorry about that. On the plus side, I may have inspired a new love of pine nuts in you. ;-)