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Jun 22, 2010 04:43 PM

Sacre Bleu! Disaster at Le Central

Le Central has gone to les chiens (the dogs). Went there for Father's Day and the place has TOTALLY gone downhill. Out of several dishes, including mussels and pain perdu. Got my order wrong twice, served something that looked like Eggo waffles and only gave about 1 Tbsp. of syrup. Eggs were rubbery -- don't even try the gluten free items, crepes lardons were covered in an unnaturally hued cream sauce (not sure what they were trying to accomplish there). Sat right next to the kitchen, which exuded smells of rapidly expiring dairy products. Waitstaff, hostess, etc. were almost nonexistent, we waited FOREVER and they didn't even take the screwed up dish off the final bill. Avoid this restaurant until it undergoes a serious overhaul

Le Central Affordable French Restaurant
112 E 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

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  1. Eww...I've never been; though the place has gotten some good reviews, they were always just qualified enough that I had a weird feeling about it. It's like everyone wants it to succeed because it looks so cute and because there aren't a lot of casual French options in town, so they forgive it errors that wouldn't be forgiven if we had more choices...

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      It's been decent the couple of times I have been, but not great. Sorry to hear that it may be going downhill. If I want casual french food, I'll choose Brasserie Ten-Ten over Le Central, which is really convenient because I live in Boulder and I work a block away from it!

    2. Lamentably, I have to agree. Started going there years ago. The diner used to feel like something special and the deserts were just about the best in town. It used to be a place I took out of town guests to show off Denver's. Unfortunately, the last few times I went the food felt old and microwaved. The deserts neither read nor taste exciting. The staff has been ok, but nothing special. Due to the decline in quality Le Central has gone from being an exceptional deal to being a bit of a rip off.

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      1. re: mmmcqueen

        My data is a little old but I am in the same ballpark. I went there several times in the early 90's after returning to CO from CA. It was on my "short list" of places to try when someone asked for spots to hit in Denver. Sometime in early 00's I went for a solo-night with a book and it was ooookaay but rough around the edges.. then we went for a brunch soon after (2003??) and it was gawd-awful. I had steak and eggs and the meat tasted, I'm not kidding, like it had been dropped in the ashes of a charcoal grill. I sent it back and the waitress was a rhymes-with-hitch about it because she "was so busy" (apparently it was about HER, not the customer). The steak didn't return until the meal was done... My wife's meal (moules et frites) was just as bad- les frites were les limp and les moules were les smelly! I had to argue to get the steak taken off the bill and we haven't been back since.

        I was too mad to try again although it's a place I really WANT to like as it fills a gap that exists.

        1. re: e_bone

          Yeah, it is quite a rip off. Especiialy when you consider that they try to use leftover bread from lunch at dinner service. I joke you not.

      2. Our first clue that the place was not to go back to were the pommes frites - not up to French standards.

        1. I so badly WANT this place to be an affordable French find, but in my most recent experience, the food was mostly flavorless -- not bad, just bland. That was last August. See and read the comments.

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          1. re: ClaireWalter

            I've eaten here off and on for ten years and it really depends on who is in the kitchen. I've had the most success with brunch, although our last experience put me off of the place for a while. Denver has so many more options now that this place had better get back up on top of their game quick.

            1. re: rlm

              Agreed. I visited their stand at the Cherry Creek Farmers market recently and the chef was actually there. He was EXTREMELY rude and unapologetic. Heck, I can get much better moules et frites at Bistro Vendome, and for about the same price. Get it together!

              Bistro Vendome
              1420 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202