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Jun 22, 2010 04:39 PM

Best Sushi in Tucson (Looking for tonight)


I am visiting and have a request for sushi. The only recommendation I found on this board for sushi is Sushi Ten. Is this the go to place for excellent sushi in Tucson or are there better places? Price does not matter, just high quality fish and a creative chef.

Thanks very much,


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  1. This is probably a little late, but Yamato is, IMHO, the best sushi restaurant in Tucson. Japanese sushi chef (possibly the only one in town), a little pricey but great quality. Sit at the sushi bar to watch the master in action - he makes everything a la minute, except for the shari. It's kind of a secret - not too many people seem to know about it, which is why you haven't heard about it here.

    Sushi Ten has gone through a few owners in recent years, and the quality has slipped a bit. I went once about 2 years ago after being a regular for many years, only to be disappointed and haven't been back since.

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    1. re: missvenuz

      Thanks for the response. I am sorry I missed the earlier post from January, but I searched. I am not always so impressed with the CH search engine. Nonetheless, we went to Sushi Ten last night. The new owners have had it for a year or a bit more. They are a very nice little old Japanese couple.

      They give you a complimentary edamame when you sit down. A nice touch, but not the freshest looking beans. They have a sushi special all you can eat nigiri, rolls and hand rolls for 19.95. A good deal, but a little limited. If you are willing to just eat the basics, maybe 15 types of nigiri, you will do fine. We did it. One hand roll with tempura shrimp I had was a little yucky, the shrimp had been deep fried hours before and was cold. The nigiri was average size I suppose (smaller than I am used to, but where I go in VA the pieces are huge). It was well prepared and fresh. The mackeral had a brown vein as opposed to red, which does not sit well with me. The rest was fine.

      The kids ordered a couple sashimi plates. Twelve pieces per plate. Tuna, yellow tail and salmon. The fish was fresh, but the pieces were very small. So small that they were not thick enough to be firm. That would be my only complaint.

      The waitress (wife of chef I presume) was friendly, hospitable and playful. She was a crackup and extremely fun. She gave the kids ice cream and when we thanked her in Japanese she said "de nada".

      My next trip I will go to Yamato. Thanks very much for the response.

      1. re: sekelmaan

        Sorry to hear that Sushi Ten didn't deliver, but it's been that way for a while now - especially when the AYCE was $26.95 a few years back. It used to be great, one of my favorite places for all sorts of Japanese dishes.

        However, yes, you should head to Yamato. It's the closest in quality to what I grew up with in the South Bay of Los Angeles.

    2. Sachiko is good. Takamatsu was good too but it burned down last week :-(
      A friend who's kind of an aficionado just recently said that Sushi garden is good- I haven't been there in a long time, maybe two owners ago.

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      1. re: EWSflash

        For AYCE, I think Sushi Garden is the best of the lot. That said, I always hate going there, because when I leave, I reek of fryer grease, even if I didn't order anything fried.

        I've only been to Takamatsu for the Korean BBQ. It was all right, but I think that Seoul Kitchen is better.

        Haven't been to Sachiko yet. Have heard mixed reviews for years, but I suppose anything is worth a try.

        Sushi Garden Restaurant
        15 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711

        Takamatsu Restaurant
        5532 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712

        1. re: missvenuz

          Sachiko started out very good, dipped in quality in the middle, and then rallied and got much better recently. They have 2 locations, I haven't been to the one by the airport, but it's presumably similar to the one at Speedway and Wilmot.

      2. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I will probably be heading back to Tucson in the next 6-12 months and will try Yamato if another hankerin' for sushi pops up.

        Have a hot summer!

        1. Sushi Yukari is pretty darn good. Probably the best we have tried in Tucson.

          Sushi Yukari
          5655 E River Rd Ste 151, Tucson, AZ 85750