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Jun 22, 2010 04:32 PM

Best Peruvian Restaurant in Queens

What a find! This little gem of a Peruvian restaurant is not easy to find since it is right off a busy street - which I think makes it even more appealing. Is was a pretty warm night so we were seated at their back patio area. I did not feel like I was in Jamaica Queens, I felt like I was in an intimate little backyard oasis. I ordered the half chicken with yellow rice and beans. Holy crap. I've had plenty of Peruvian style chicken but this was definitely a cut above any type of chicken I've had before. It tasted completely gourmet. The rice was perfect and had a hidden spice I couldn't figure out - it wasn't oily or dry - just perfect. And the beans..... I am not really a beans type of person, I usually skip on the beans, but not in this case! This was the best beans I ever had! We also had the camarones al ajillo as an appetizer and it was literally flavors exploding in my mouth. I ended up talking with the owner and he informed me that most of the items on the menu are his mother's recipes. How amazing is that. We ended the night with homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top and it was heaven on earth.

Short story long - I strongly recommend this place. The food is high quality , delicious gourmet food at affordable prices. This restaurant is a rare find and completely superior to all the other Peruvian restaurants I've eaten in and I will definitely be going back.

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  1. That's really great, but how are we suppose to find this mystery place? And how does it compare to the better Peruvian places in Jackson Heights, like El Sol, Punto Fijo, Anzuelo Fino, or Pio Pio for the chicken? Or perhaps I should ask how does this place compare to the better places in LA, like Pollo a la Brasa, or MoChica, or Balcones de Peru?

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        The OP has posted exactly once in each of the last 3 years, the other 2 on the LA Board. This is going to remain a mystery forever.

    1. this is the same person (and same review, word for word) with their first and only yelp review:

      further search:

      unless I sound like the reviews connected to that google link when I write about places (and I admit, I do), they read suspicious. and if this person doesn't even know how to use Chowhound and neglects to put the actual name of the place in, then it tells me even more that this was just a copy-paste job.

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        Nice detective work! Anyone else tried this place?

        Pollo Popular
        168-31 88th Ave, Queens, NY 11432

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          Yes guys thanks for the detective work - I posted the reviews in all the different places that I read to get opinions on restaurants and for the most part, when I read reviews, I like to check them out for myself. So yes, it was a copy and paste on all the different boards. I see someone found the address below-sorry I forgot to include that. My family is from NY and I've lived in LA for 4 years so that is why the board is all over the place. The reason why I think it's the best I've had in a long time is because this chicken tastes so different from places like Pio Pio or Urubama. Definitely not your typical place that you would find in Jackson Heights (and I am from Jackson Heights - born and raised).

          It's family run so right of the bat, you feel like it's more intimate. Dad is the main chef, son and mom and other family members serve. The back patio is very chill. Just all around a nice atmosphere. I actually just came back from NY this past weekend and I had the camarones al ajillo as an entree and it was amazing. I took my husband, mom and best friend there and they all loved it. Might as well try it out and see if you agree with me. If not, then everyone has a different opinion. I just get excited when I find a restaurant that I fall in love with.