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Jun 22, 2010 03:28 PM

Groceries in Jasper and Lake Louise - where would you recommend?

Heading to the Rockies for a week in July. Our accommodations have cooking facilities so I'm wondering what the selection will be like and whether we should provision in Jasper before heading to Lake Louise.


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  1. Pretty limited to one store in Lake Louise . You are better off stopping in canmore or banff and stock up..

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      There is a decent size grocery store in Jasper, your idea is good. stock up there if possible before, you will get more selection for sure. Make sure you hit Bear's Paw bakery for your carb load :)

      1. re: Budca

        The one store in Samson's Mall is pretty small, but carries most basics. I agree, stock up at the larger store in Jasper unless you want to drive to Banff. Banff is about 40 minutes away from Lake Louise, or you can drive to Golden which is about an hour from Lake Louise.

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        1. Don't buyt Groceries in Lake Louise The store in Lake Louise triples the prices in Banff no jolking However for Bread Laggins in Lake Louise is the best in the bow valley