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Jun 22, 2010 01:38 PM

Mamma Thai Walworth Road [London]

Went here on Saturday because a friend recommended it. Open kitchen so you can see the matriarch cook in the kitchen , daughter is waitress.
I orderded prawns with fresh green peppercorn - it was lovely , 3 very large and fresh prawns came with their heads on halved down the centre and covered in all sort of lovely fresh herbs and spices - the only drawback was that thailand is not exporting green peppercorns at the moment and unfortunately mamma had used dried ones - ouch.
Still lovely zingy sauce with all sorts of levels of tastes in it.
Will go back and eat my way through the menu - really good prices and an oasis of calm - as a single diner I felt really comfortable. They have bring your own wine etc.. and provide a good choice of soft drinks including an orange cream soda which appeals to my sweet tooth.
Anyone else been?

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  1. Thanks. Not far from me, so will try,