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Jun 22, 2010 01:03 PM

Kickass seafood market in/around Carolina Beach?

Hey fellow hounds-- tried this last spring, on too short notice. I'm headed to Carolina Beach in July for a week. Looking for off-the-boat fresh seafood in the Carolina Beach area. IE, not HT, Food Lion, etc... somewhere that supports local fishermen and has the best seasonal stuff. Anywhere like this exist? I'd really like to get my fill before the oil kills everything...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Blackburn Brothers Seafood‎ 440 North Lake Park Boulevard, Carolina Beach, NC 28428-4803 ( 910) 458-9001‎

    Fish Bites -

    You might want to do a search on this board as well. The question has come up a few times over the last couple of years

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    1. re: cajun willie

      yeah-- i did do a search. i've tried some of the places that were suggested, and found most of them lacking... so i figured i'd try again. blackburn brothers sounds intriguing though. thanks for the tip!

    2. Is there any place that doubles as market and restaurant.. Something where you can by the fish, have it filleted and cooked in one spot?