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Jun 22, 2010 12:28 PM

Can anyone please recommend a place for a post rehearsal dinner in the Whippany, NJ area (preferably Italian)

Hey there. Getting married at the Birchwood Manor in Whippany and I am looking for a place to have the post-rehearsal dinner.

Figure about 30-40 people and preferably Italian.


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  1. Fancy....Il Capriccio in Whippany. Less fancy, Luigi's in East Hanover.

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    1. Panevino, on Route 10 east, just over the county line in Livingston, three, maybe four miles from Birchwood Manor. It's fun and festive, and I've never had a bad experience there.

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        Grato, fancier on RT10W, and Il Villagio, byo, RT10E both just up the road. Villagio will work with a nice menu with limited choices to make ordering and serving easy. You'll save a ton on the byo too.

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          I'm not a big fan of Grato, but I will second Panevino and Il Villaggio. Convenient would be Il Giardino on Ridgedale Ave in Cedar Knolls, though I have never been there nor do I ever hear anybody talk about it.

          Il Villaggio Restaurant
          State Route 10, Parsippany, NJ 07054

      2. Thanks everyone! Keep the suggestions coming, however I think we have run the gamut of Italian in the area. But thank you all so much!!

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          Il Villagio is NOT BYO, at last visit. It would be a fine choice, however, with a room set up for larger groups. Grato is very expensive for what it is, and I had an awful meal there a few months ago. I'll probably give them another chance, but you should check it out first. LaStrada in Randolph on Route 10 might be your best choice. It's a couple of miles west of Villagio, prettier and a little more formal, better food.

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            There are at lest two Il Villagios in NJ; the one in the Powder Mill Plaze on RT10E is, and has been, BYO since it opened. You must be thinking of the other one.

        2. I'm going to second (or third) Il Villagio's in Powder is BYOB and I've been to parties there and just dinner for 2 and its always delicious and reasonable. Il Giardino's was less than stellar the last two times I was there.

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            You're right about Villagio. No wine list. I must have assumed that the guy from next door (The Liquor Store) was bringing bottles from inside the restaurant. Very convenient arrangement.
            Having said that, the tomato salad there is always excellent, the people are nice, the room is perfect for a large group, and the restaurant is reasonable.