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Jun 22, 2010 12:25 PM


I went to Bonnell's for the first time in two years Saturday night. Stefanie, the bar tender remembered me, and John Bonnell came out and talked to me. I love this place. It is high end food, yet it is casual. I had the mixed grill with anduille sausage, buffalo chop, and added pheasent. This was the first time I had tried pheasent and enjoyed it very much. The cheese grits were good, and the creme brulee for dessert was wonderful. I also had a gumbo with duck I enjoyed. I do not live in Fort Worth so I do not get the opportunity to go to Bonnell's often. It is one of my favorite places in Fort Worth.

Bigray in Ok

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  1. Bonnell's is one of my FW faves, but I've only been there for lunch. Most recently, I had the Southwestern Smoked Chicken Stack, which was fantastic. I'm heading back this weekend to try the dinner menu for the first time.

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      anyone been recently? What are the must orders of this place?