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Jun 22, 2010 12:12 PM

Boiled Peanuts--Nashville area?

Does anyone know of a place where I can get boiled peanuts in or around Nashville (preferably not from a can, s'il-vous plait)? This could either be at a restaurant or more, uh, take-out style. (Read: side of the road is A-Okay.) As an alternative, does anyone have any leads on where I could get raw/green (i.e. not dried or roasted) peanuts so I can bamboozle my boyfriend into cooking up a batch? I currently live in East Nashville, but I'm willing to drive a ways (45-60 minutes) when the craving hits.

Or geez, if you have a canned brand you love, by all means, tell me what it is!


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  1. I'm from Georgia originally, where boiled peanuts were a staple when I was growing up. I've lived in Nashville a few decades and they are not common.The one place I'd check would be the The Peanut Shop in The Arcade downtown. If anyone in town had them, it would be them. If they don't, they might know who would.

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      Before the farmers market got flooded out, there was a lady that sold raw peanuts inside the vendor building next to the gyro place.

      No telling if she'll be back when the reopen.

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        Yeah, speaking of the farmer's market, I've actually seen a boiled peanut vendor there a few times. That's the only place in Nashville that I've ever seen boiled peanuts for sale.

    2. You may be able to find raw peanuts at a farmer's co-op, next to horse feed or something.

      1. Just wanted to update for posterity--I found bagged boiled peanuts in the fresh produce section at the Publix on Harding. They had regular and spicy--both good, but the regular really hit the spot. I just heated them up in the microwave and they were more than serviceable.

        1. Nashville (Percy Priest Lake/ Anderson Rd area) Pleasant Hill and Smith Springs Road just north of the intersection - roadside vendor of hot boiled peanuts.

          1. I recall seeing some for sale at an Exxon station in Dickson right off the I-40 exit on the left..