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Farm Fresh Restaurant Suggestions

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Have friends coming in to town Friday night, he is a sommelier and looking for farm fresh menu maybe with unique menu. Going to Publican Saturday night so any other suggestions, byob or corkage fee not necessary but preferable.

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  1. Mado




    Mado Restaurant
    1647 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

    1. Mado and Lula for sure, but add Perennial, Province, North Pond and probably some others.

      Given the criteria, Mada would be my first choice -- it's a mom and pop operation that does its own butchering and uses everything. Be aware that it's BYO.

      Mado Restaurant
      1647 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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      1. re: chicgail

        Yeah we actually already had a reservation in place at Mado for Friday but wanted to see if there were other recommendations. Good suggestions- Lula, Perennial and Province would all be great but think it makes sense to stay with Mado.

        Mado Restaurant
        1647 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

        1. re: chicgail

          I second the Perennial suggestion, especially for brunch. For very reasonable prices, they deliver well-seasoned, fresh food. If the review helps you decide:

          Perennial and I are a food match; we like fresh ingredients, seasoned perfectly. Strange as it seems, I was blown away by how appropriately the salad greens were seasoned. Thank you! I will be returning to Perennial for dinner as their courses look very creative and the waiter, Josh, boasted of the chef’s ingenuity.

          Truffle eggs benedict – While the mushrooms and spinach were cooked skillfully, the combination of rich, umami flavor left me craving a little acid. As I mentioned above, I could have eaten the salad greens all day. And, truffle oil does nothing for me.

          Last note: beware of the $4.50 charge for tea. I have never paid so much for tea in my life.

        2. Also, Inovasi in Lake Bluff, in the northern suburbs. Inovasi specializes in using local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Of course, a lot of restaurants say that... but how many have a partnership with a local farm, in which the restaurant's own dedicated hens lay the restaurant's own dedicated eggs?

          Inovasi website: www.inovasi.us
          Detailed report: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/687962

          Inovasi Restaurant
          28 E. Center Ave, Lake Bluff, IL 60044