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Jun 22, 2010 10:34 AM

Great German farm restaurant near Krumsville

I wanted to let everyone know about this real find just down the road from that Pennsylvania Dutch mecca, Dietrich's Meats. Last time I was at Dietrich's I was directed to this spot, which is about .25 miles away on route 737.
The restaurant is in an old, farm hotel and is run by a German couple. The menu is quite long. I've always stuck with the German specialities: Kassler Rippchen, Sauerbraten, etc. The quality is great. The meats are superb. The portions are large, as you would expect. Under no circumstances miss the speatzle, which comes as a side-dish option.
Special note: normally on Friday the proprietress bakes an apple strudel which is on the menu until it runs out, usually by the end of the weekend if not sooner. If one is available, I don't suggest passing it up.

Stony Run Hotel
2409 Route 737, Kempton, PA 19529

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  1. What is the name of the restaurant? My family has a farm in Krumsville and we visit often, but i can't think of this place.

    Dietrichs is good , but we go to Peter Bros down the road in Lenhartsville when we buy our meats.