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uproot in warren

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finally made it to uproot--thank you SO much fellow hounds for such a great rec. We were incredibly impressed by the ambiance, service and of course, the food. My husband couldn't stop saying, "mmm" with his choice of red snapper! Especially remarkable was the end of the meal--we ordered the cheese plate and man oh man did they get it right. It was one of the best selections we've had in a while.

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  1. Man, Noya, I'll always remember your "Just had Per Se last week" comment when you were asking for suggestions. I wish I had your dining budget...would you consider adopting me? :)

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      We are grateful to have the opportunity for such fine dining around NYC and NJ! There was definitely a time when our selections were limited to 'cheap eats' and thanks to chowhound those were no less enjoyable than Per Se, just in a different way :-)

    2. There is another brief thread about UpRoot on this board but I thought I would post here. The NY Times reviewed UpRoot over the weekend and gave it a "Don't Miss".


      1. I always am looking for a new restaurant to try, so I dutifully followed my fellow Chowhouds recommendations. I regret to report that I was very disappointed in the service. One of the people at our table did not get his entree when the other people at the table were served. After 15 minutes the waiter was asked where the dish was and his excuse was that they were out of the entree. We asked why we had to be told this 30 minutes after the order. The manger was summoned, with an annoyed look he asked, "What do you want?" Miraculously the original entree appeared in 10 minutes. Obviously, we could not enjoy Anthony Bucco's wonderful food without choking from the service.

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          Jonathan Ross is a consummate professional and runs a dining room as well as anyone, but I think Mr. Bucco sometimes hides behind a showman's veneer, with too much emphasis on sauces and presentation. Sometimes some of the protein, be it venison, duck or what have you, all have the same taste and consistency. Not sure if it is preparation or a storage thing, but there was nothing of the true characteristics of the meat to be identified.

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            I agree on Mr. Ross, but, have to disagree with you on Chef Bucco. Take it for what it's worth, but I really don't prefer seafood at all, but, UpRoots seafood I find myself 'craving', if that makes any sense. I'd say if you're going to UpRoot and are choosing between a meat or seafood dish, pick the seafood, but I also really enjoyed the venison, pheasant, quail dishes I've had there.

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              I recently dined at UpRoot and quite enjoyed the service and the food. It was a quiet night and we garnered quite a bit of attention...often on slower nights the trend is to be ignored, as many servers can't be bothered. The food was mostly great, with only a few misses. I agree that my duck was lacking a bit in the 'deft touch' department of cooking. However the other components were superb. Especially worth noting was the cured salmon appetizer with the revelation of bitter chocolate, very unique, surprising and delicious. That dish was the equal of almost any I have had. Jonathan Ross was attentive, gracious and he sure knows his stuff. We started with a bottle of Cava, but wanted a glass of red to go with the main course...he asked me a few questions and delivered a pairing that was right on point. Well done sirs.

        2. Went a few weeks ago-- a very excellent cheese course.

          1. I was surprised to read that Anthony Bucco has left Uproot for the Hamilton Farms Country Club in Gladstone. I only went to Uproot once and can say that the food was truly outstanding. I found the space, however, to be cold and sterile and was put off by the condescending behavior of Jonathan Ross.

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              Well don't worry...Jonathan is gone too.

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                I did not know that, but a quick look at the Uproot web site gives biographies of both the new executive chef and the new GM. Like Tony Bucco, the new executive chef came from Stage Left in New Brunswick so I imagine not too much will change in that department.

                A couple of months ago there was a brief post here saying that Uproot had closed but it was pulled because the information was not correct. I can't help wondering, however, if the poster knew that something was in the works.

                If I go back to Uproot it will probably be for lunch and only if I'm in the area.

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                  The new e.c. Mark Farro's bio states: "This is the position he has been groomed for all his life."

                  Iirc, Farro is the son of the owners. He has an excellent pedigree, and i'm guessing the plan all along was for him to serve under Bucco and then take over whenever Bucco left. We haven't made it to Uproot yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it sometime soon.


            2. Was I hallucinating or did I see pole dancing at the bar the last time I was in?

              UpRoot Restaurant
              9 Mt. Bethel Road, Warren, NJ 07059

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                We did not see any pole dancing but we did see a full house in the bar area as we left dinner at 8:30 on Saturday night. A small jazz combo was playing pretty decent music and all of the "comfy chairs" were spoken for, a few bar stools were available.

                We ate early, 6:30 reservation as we had a party to go to and were taken aback by how empty this huge space was at first. It fillied up quickly though and by 7:30 there was a decent crowd.

                It is a much larger place than we were expecting, the decor is interesting, not too cold for the modern motiff but not warm either. The country style dining chairs inserted with modern decor was not "loved" by the ladies, but us guys thought the spacing was great. Noise level was perfect, just enough music and other people talking to make us feel we were not alone but our table of six could hear each other easily across the table.

                Food was overall good. Highlights were the seasonal sald, fresh greens and citrus that was perfectly done, the wagyu steak was complimented on and shared by all carnivores in attendance....Low point was the special cauliflower soup which was almost devoid of flavor, the pumpkin seeds and truffle cream at the bottom got lost once they poured the thick heavy stock almost to the top of the bowl (less is more would have been the answer here)....the vegtarian entree was weird to say the least; a very heavy but tasty basil rissotto, plus a small bowl of humus with six big slices of grilled pita were placed side by side on a plate with cheeese smothered grilled aspargus...salmon "tasted much better than it looked" said the diner, and the bar for that was not very high as the tiny peice of fish looked very lonely and a bit sad on the big plate with no visible cooking marks on it just some yellow sauce poured on top....

                the red snapper was barely touched by my wife's friend but she said it was pretty good....amuse bouches of lobster salad on a toatsed crostinin was devoured quickly enough and the server was astutue enough to bring me a vegetarian version done with golden raisens and mustard seed that was very tasty.

                The wine list was large and well represented, some ususually high markups at all price ranges but undoubtedly quality wines from top to bottom, you have to work at this list as they happily do not list many of the normal big sellers in each category....we had a 07 Toucan Petitie Syrah for $89 that was delicious - it was decanted and properly served.

                The service was generous and professional and all in all we had a very nice meal..we skipped desert and coffee as we wer eehaidng to our next stop for teh evening

                .the overall consensus was that we all enjoyed ourselves but none of us would be "rushing back".

                Total bill for six with cocktails, wine, entree and an appt with tax & tip was $ 535

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                  Thank you for the great review, I ate there before Bucco left and thought it was great, sounds like it is still quite good!