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Jun 22, 2010 10:27 AM

uproot in warren

finally made it to uproot--thank you SO much fellow hounds for such a great rec. We were incredibly impressed by the ambiance, service and of course, the food. My husband couldn't stop saying, "mmm" with his choice of red snapper! Especially remarkable was the end of the meal--we ordered the cheese plate and man oh man did they get it right. It was one of the best selections we've had in a while.

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  1. Man, Noya, I'll always remember your "Just had Per Se last week" comment when you were asking for suggestions. I wish I had your dining budget...would you consider adopting me? :)

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      We are grateful to have the opportunity for such fine dining around NYC and NJ! There was definitely a time when our selections were limited to 'cheap eats' and thanks to chowhound those were no less enjoyable than Per Se, just in a different way :-)

    2. There is another brief thread about UpRoot on this board but I thought I would post here. The NY Times reviewed UpRoot over the weekend and gave it a "Don't Miss".

      1. I always am looking for a new restaurant to try, so I dutifully followed my fellow Chowhouds recommendations. I regret to report that I was very disappointed in the service. One of the people at our table did not get his entree when the other people at the table were served. After 15 minutes the waiter was asked where the dish was and his excuse was that they were out of the entree. We asked why we had to be told this 30 minutes after the order. The manger was summoned, with an annoyed look he asked, "What do you want?" Miraculously the original entree appeared in 10 minutes. Obviously, we could not enjoy Anthony Bucco's wonderful food without choking from the service.

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          Jonathan Ross is a consummate professional and runs a dining room as well as anyone, but I think Mr. Bucco sometimes hides behind a showman's veneer, with too much emphasis on sauces and presentation. Sometimes some of the protein, be it venison, duck or what have you, all have the same taste and consistency. Not sure if it is preparation or a storage thing, but there was nothing of the true characteristics of the meat to be identified.

          1. re: coldbeer

            I agree on Mr. Ross, but, have to disagree with you on Chef Bucco. Take it for what it's worth, but I really don't prefer seafood at all, but, UpRoots seafood I find myself 'craving', if that makes any sense. I'd say if you're going to UpRoot and are choosing between a meat or seafood dish, pick the seafood, but I also really enjoyed the venison, pheasant, quail dishes I've had there.

            1. re: RPMcMurphy

              I recently dined at UpRoot and quite enjoyed the service and the food. It was a quiet night and we garnered quite a bit of attention...often on slower nights the trend is to be ignored, as many servers can't be bothered. The food was mostly great, with only a few misses. I agree that my duck was lacking a bit in the 'deft touch' department of cooking. However the other components were superb. Especially worth noting was the cured salmon appetizer with the revelation of bitter chocolate, very unique, surprising and delicious. That dish was the equal of almost any I have had. Jonathan Ross was attentive, gracious and he sure knows his stuff. We started with a bottle of Cava, but wanted a glass of red to go with the main course...he asked me a few questions and delivered a pairing that was right on point. Well done sirs.

        2. Went a few weeks ago-- a very excellent cheese course.

          1. The original comment has been removed