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Jun 22, 2010 10:13 AM

Where to go for fish that wont cost top dollar??

Im taking out my parents and aunt tonight and I need a place that serves a decent variety of fish that is good and not too expensive. Any suggestions??

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  1. too late, but Rayan on cotes des neiges has a variety of fish at prices that are more reasonable than what's in my neck of the woods.

    However, it's not a fancy place. You will barely see your server and there seems to be lots of little kids that are not expected to remain seated when eating out.

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    1. re: hala

      Thanks I might give that a try eventually. That night we went to Galo in TMR. Its a portugese restaurant that we all found to be pretty good and very reasonably priced. We had Sardines shrimp and Squid. All pretty good. My family was actually very pleased. and with tax and tip for the 4 of us it came to 80$ which is pretty amazing. I recommend trying it out.

      1. re: jay_81k

        I am glad you found a place you liked.