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Jun 22, 2010 07:46 AM

Something slightly different for my anniversary dinner in London?

My partner and I have been in a quandry about where in Central London to go for our anniversary dinner. While the obvious choices are Le Gavroch, Ledbury, Waering etc - to be honest I am a bit bored of the Michelin Starred French Restaurant Scene. It seems like we go to one of these everytime there is an occasion so the novelty has worn off. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for something a bit different, off the beaten track - some suggestions have been things like Ronnie Scotts - and I do like the idea, just that I have been therefore and you can't really talk during the show. We are both adventurous, happy to try new foods - not particularly married to the idea of something posh, with candles - although it would be nice if the tables were slightly far apart, the service not rushed and the food should be delicious! We are both in our early 30s - I'm Indian, he is Italian - so preferably neither of those cuisines - as we cook enough of that at home. Any suggestions?

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  1. the duck & dim sum at min jiang is superb, the service is impeccable and the view is to die for.
    make sure you call ahead and book a window table as well as a duck. and go for a full duck, none of this poncy half portion rubbish. you eat it three ways, and its revelatory.

    honestly, i'm sooooooo bored of the french fancy scene, much as you - so now min jiang is my favourite go to for fancy shchmancy.

    incidentally, meals at your home must be interesting: pasta with dudhi anyone? (grin)

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    1. Min Jiang too!

      Kikuchi for izakaya food (sushi's ok, but it's the cooked stuff that's great imho).
      Trinity for modern European cooking.
      Sedap for excellent Penang style nyona.
      Chez Liline for fusiony Mauritian seafood.
      Hix Soho (only been to this branch).

      P.S. has anyone tried the crispy eel starter at Min Jiang?

      1. i'd hit barrafina for tapas and lovely wines by the glass. it's sitting at the bar so no seperate tables but i've never felt rushed and the people-watching/ ear-wigging is fun. i really like eyre brothers too which would give similar food but in a more formal restaurant setting. btw, has anyone been to the refurbed fino?

        i need to try min jiang. i too am uber-bored with fancy schmancy frenchy michelin stuff.