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Jun 22, 2010 06:09 AM

Spicy food

This is a subject that often comes up when discussing particular restaurants on this forum, so I thought it'd be interesting to develop it a little further..

Particularly in the realm of ethnic food, where can you get some of the spiciest food in DFW?

I eat alot of Sichuan, African, Korean, Thai and other international cuisines... alot of times when I go to a place they will hold back on the spice factor almost to the point of blandness and then marvel on my supposed ability to eat spicy food. It's a constant battle...

Here's my shortlist of at least a few (marginally) spicy cuisines in Dallas:

Royal Sichuan - A purportedly spicy cuisine that makes uses of alot of dried chilis, sichuan pepper corns, pickled peppers, and etc. I've had a few spicy dishes here (generally those constiting of pickled peppers tend to be hotter), but sometimes the food just falls way short. It's delicious nonetheless but they seem to really hold back.

Oti African Restaurant - Nigerian stews.. they admittedly hold back when non-Africans come in. They gave us a plate of diced and pickled habeneros to add to our stews on the side, saying they didnt know if we could really take it even though we insisted that we could.. they had a kick but nothing too extreme.. the meal was good.

In the realm of Korean food, unfortunately Woo Mee Oak in Garland has closed. At least in my experience (I know the place had bad reviews), they did NOT hold back and it was especially hot for Korean food. Sometimes I even had difficult eating Naeng Myun there of all things because it was so nuclear. Sometimes I think they were doing it as a joke to see how severely they could abuse me with the spice level lol. Woo Mee Oak will be sorely missed.

So anyone have any more recommendations? Indian? Ethiopian? Latin American? Etc.

Woo Mee Oak
10560 Walnut St, Dallas, TX 75243

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  1. expanding on Korean food... I guess So Kong Dong Tofu house in my experience is the hottest left.. their Soon Tofus can be ordered pretty spicy, although it's not too extreme. I've only been to So Kong Dong, Chosun Kalbi, Woo Me Oak, Seoul Garden, and Twin's hot tofu.. so those are my basis for comparison.

    Seoul Garden
    2502 Royal Ln Ste 103, Dallas, TX 75229

    Chosun Kalbi Restaurant
    2560 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX 75229

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    1. re: YingZheng

      A special request of Khu Kling at Andaman in Denton was the hottest dish I have had and I can out eat most people (in the spice department) I know. La Palapa Vercruzana used to have a nice habanero sauce for several of their dishes. The jungle curry at Jasmine gets up there. I have never thought of the soondubu's being that hot. The chicken tikka masala at Samosa Hut in Irving is actually a pretty good version and you can tell him you would like it really hot. I believe his vindaloo is also hot?? You can always try the tear roll at Masami and add in jalapeno....or you could sneak in a habanero. There are a few relatively spicy dishes at the Royal Sweets in Valley Ranch. Sometimes the goat curry at Taste of the Islands in Plano...add some extra table cause. I have heard there might be a few spicy dishes at Jamaica Gates in Arlington. I will keep my eye out though

      Royal Sweets
      219 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX

      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        I've had a good chunk of LH's spicy food suggestions (minus some of the Indian items) and would vouch for them. In addition to the tear roll at Masami, the tear drop at Sushiyama is pretty hot too. I tried it a long time ago on a dare. Think it has wasabi and both jalapeno and habanero.

        Also consider the counter at the Indo-Pak market in Richardson, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a pretty spicy item lurking in that menu.

        On a side note, I did get to go to Jitlada a few weeks ago. Wonderful lunch but didn't have anything hotter than that special requested Khua Kling... so it still holds the crown for hottest thing I've ever had.

        1. re: air

          you know... I had Jungle curry at Jasmine Thai in Plano. I asked for a 5 star but it wasnt hot at all. I complained and they said next time they'd give me a 7 lol.

          There werent any chilis at all in the curry. Maybe I need to go to anothre jasmine Thai.

            1. re: YingZheng

              I find that the original, at Spring Creek and Custer, is significantly milder than Jasmine II or III. (On Parker&Alma, and Coit&Park)

              Spring Creek Restaurants
              4108 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052

      2. Toy's on Lemmon used to have a dish called Evil Jungle Prince on their menu. I got it once and once was all I needed. Insanely spicy. It isn't on the menu anymore, but call her and see if she'll make it for you.

        1. I've always thought I couldn't get spicy food because I looked too Caucasian, but maybe that's not the problem ... I do find that when I go to an ethnic restaurant with other Americans of varying races, items that are billed spicy/non-spicy on the menu all come out identically ... non-spicy. Who is ruining it for us ... we need to take them out and teach them a lesson.

          PS I've definitely had spicy food from Thai Chili in Irving. Still there, I assume? Perfect for clearing out your sinuses this time of year ... however I should probably state that it was ordered by non-Americans.

          1. I lived in Southern California for 25 years and both my then boyfriend and I loved spicy food. We actually had occasions where the chef would come out of the kitchen to meet us since he wanted to make sure it wasn't too spicy.

            I ate at Masala Masala in Euless and was impressed that they made some really interesting and definitely spicy dishes. They offered a buffet but they are now out of business. On my last visit I once again complimented them on the food and the person I spoke to was concerned that the dishes were too spicy for their clientele. I asked them to please not "dumb down" the recipes to appeal to the masses. Guess I should have shut up.

            7447 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063

            1. I've got two, for y'alls reference sake when I say hot, I'm talking up to volcanic (if they know you). They seriously won't lay the holy crap hot stuff on you unless you go in and work your way up but it's well worth it. The place is Zander's House in Plano. It's Vietnamese, family owned and operated. They are all great folks and the food is excellent. It's nothing fancy, just good down-home cooking Vietnamese. My favorite dish to nuclear up is the Sate. If you ask they can usually bring you some vietnamese chilis on the side (during growing season they produce their own fresh as well). Tell Thom you were referred and that you can handle the 10. He'll prolly only bring you the 7... but the 7 is still pretty hot.

              Second place for OMG hot is India Palace near Addison. The Lamb Phal (Fall), is stupidly hot by itself and you can ask for it hotter. The chef actually came out last time I was there to see if we even ate it (we asked what all was in it). It's got indian chili powder, habanero, thai chili and something else... wooo it was zippy.

              India Palace Restaurant & Bar
              12817 Preston Rd Ste 105, Dallas, TX 75230