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Jun 22, 2010 05:52 AM

Raleigh - Chinese?

I'm craving good Chinese in Raleigh (NOT Chapel Hill, Durham, or Cary). I'm hoping to find some good spots closer to home. I've tried and had good luck with Fortune Palace just off Capital, but there's got to be some other good places to go - although I'm not seeing much in old threads. I prefer more authentic Chinese of any style but will even settle for some good Anglo-Chinese if done well. Thanks.

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  1. Fortune Palace is the only one in Raleigh I'm happy with.

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    1. re: meatn3

      Just make sure you order off the traditional menu.

      Unfortunately, FP is the best in Raleigh. There really aren't any others in Raleigh worth the effort. I live in N Raleigh and almost always go to Cary for Super Wok. The drive is worth it.

    2. What about Jade Garden on Hillsborough Street? Does anyone go there anymore? I used to like it - for basic Chinese. And some people I know like the Red Dragon on Fairview Road...... And Peace China at Seaboard for a takeaway.....

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        I have been to Red Dragon just a couple of times. Food was tasty iirc, but seemed a bit expensive for what it was.

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          For Chinese in Raleigh only, I'd got to FP. I haven't been to Fortune Palace in a while. It looks like they've made some menu changes incorporating more Malaysian dishes. Sounds like it's time to go back. They had a Fried Pork Intestines dish that is a guilty pleasure.

          One other tip: In South Raleigh, there's a giant Asian market along the lines of Cary's Grand Asia. I think it's called A&O Market or something. They served a menu from a counter that was pretty good.

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          In the summer's of my youth, the mid to late 60's, I would visit my grandmother for a week in Smithfield. One day during my visit she would bring me up to Raleigh to visit a museum, or a movie and then we would go eat chow mein. Every time I ride by the Jade Garden I say to myself, that is the restaurant my grandmother used to take me to. Does anyone know if the Jade Garden dates back to the 60's, or is my memory playing tricks with me? I have always meant to stop by there for a meal and ask them how long it has been a Chinese restaurant but I have never gotten around to it.

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            Don - I grew up in Raleigh (late 60's, 70's, etc.). The only Chinese restaurant in town (for our family, anyway) was the Canton Cafe. It was on Hillsborough Street, just a couple of blocks from the Capitol. I remember having to wait ages for a table, and then being intrigued by the egg-drop soup my dad would always order. (I didn't discover Jade Garden until college. Can't say it wasn't there before then, of course.)

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              Cack - Thanks for your memories. It probably was the Canton Cafe where she took me. It was an exotic treat whichever restaurant it was. The trip to Raleigh was the highlight of my visit with my grandmother. It is interesting how our childhood memories can be tied up with food. I also remember trips to Parker's in Wilson, eating home made peach ice cream at the family farm, and picking my own personal watermelon at my aunt's farm.

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                For years the Canton was the only Chinese restaurant in this area, pretty much like Irregardless (later) was the only vegetarian, and The Intimate was the only bookstore (until Mall bookstores came along).

                We had one real grocery store in our town, Fuquay, run by a great local family.

                We'd drive to Raleigh to eat Chinese (such as it was) rarely, and we would drive to Chapel Hill once a month on a Sunday to visit the Intimate. IIRC, Canton was pretty much at the intersection of Peace and Hillsborough. I remember the color and taste of the sweet & sour coating at Canton to this day, which is not really a good thing.

        3. Thanks for the suggestions. In a city the size of Raleigh there's got to be some other options that are at least on par with Fortune Palace. While I've enjoyed their food, I'm just looking for some variety. I plan to try a few of the others here and report back at some point.

          Tom - Yes, FP does have a number of Malaysian dishes. I'm a fan of their Malaysian Street Noodles (or something to this effect) soup.

          1. Well lessee, being of Chinese descent and having lived in SF I'm a bit picky here! In all honesty, it's been a challenge finding good Chinese food out in Raleigh. I'd say no to Jade Palace and a meh to Red Dragon. Peace China is fine for Chinese-American and Fortune Palace does have some great Malaysian and Chinese food.

            For chinatown-type food, try Grand Asia Market's cafe/eatery. It's the closest thing I've found out here so far. For Szechuan, 35 Restaurant in Cary is the real deal, also heard good things about Super Wok. For dim sum, the only half-decent place is Neo-Asia but they've been a bit sloppy my last couple of visits. So unfortunately you might have to travel out to Cary for good Chinese, not much right in Raleigh!