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Jul 22, 2005 10:10 PM

West African food?

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So my nephew, who is 16, has been reading (always a dangerous occupation) and has just devoured Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart".

"Uncle Dave," he says the other night, "is there an African restaurant in L.A.?"

"Well," I temporise, "there's certainly Moroccan, and Ethiopian, and of course Moun of Tunis."

"Uncle DAVE," he says in that tone of voice that only teenagers can produce, "'Things Fall Apart' was set in NIGERIA, not Ethiopia, GOD!"

"You said Africa," said I, "and those places are all in Africa."

"FINE. Is there a NIGERIAN, or WEST African restaurant, here in L.A.?"

.is there?

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  1. There was some talk months ago about (IIRC) a Nigerian place and I can't remember the name of it.

    Citysearch has an "African" category. Moroccan and Ethiopian show up; can't vouch for the rest (you can call), except for Springbok, and that's South African. There was a discussion on Springbok not too long ago. You can Control+F.


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      This is what I was thinking of: Ngoma. You should be able to find a few threads.


      1. re: Christine

        Even the link you provided seemed to indicate the restaurant had more Kenyan influences and thus east African, or maybe music from Zaire, meaning Central Africa. Curry would seem to favor the east coast due to the Indian and Chinese spice routes.
        Will search some tomorrow and see what I can find.

        1. re: carter

          I remember that the earlier CH discussion about Ngoma related to the dish called "Mafe" which is West African. I haven't been to Ngoma, or West Africa (I have been to East Africa), so I'm definitely not an expert.

          1. re: Christine

            While not an expert on Africa... Ngoma is a true pan-african restuarant... their menu is divided into an equal number or West and East African dishes...


            1. re: Christine

              Yes, mafe is Senegalese - a peanut stew served with lamb or chicken, if I remember correctly. They have it at Ngoma, along with many other dishes from both east and west africa.

              1. re: rastan

                Le Terranga on Crenshaw has Senegalese food and mafe

        2. re: Christine

          What happened to Rosalind's West African cuisine bent? Or is it just an Ethiopian restaurant now? Rosalinds has been around years (maybe 25) and was started by a couple one of whom was a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa. Maybe it morphed. Don't know.

        3. Ngoma has great food and is convenient to get to. It has a Pan-African menu - food from all over the continent is featured. If your nephew wants great Nigerian food, the best place is in Inglewood. It is called Saari's and is on Hillcrest. They do outstanding Egusi Soup (really more a stew) which is a hallmark of Nigerian cuisine and you can order your choice of a variety of different fufu preparations (pounded yam). I like that you can choose which meats or fish you want included in your Egusi soup. If they have it, also try the Akara - it's like an African version of falafel made from black eyed peas. Delicious

          1. I had a good meal at Bistro 4040 in Baldwin Hills. The guy who runs it is nice.


            1. I realize that this is an ancient thread, but I found it by Googling Rosalind's West African Cuisine -- which I loved and miss. As Zoe has asked, did it become the Ethiopian place on Fairfax, or is it reincarnated elsewhere?