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what is your favorite summer desserts?

i like ice cream (regardless of the seasons) but i especially like kuzukiri tokoroten, and warabimochi during hot humid summer.
what is your favorite? also do you make it from scratch?

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  1. Anmitsu and kuzumochi are OK, but kuzukiri is by far the best on a hot day! I've made my own, but only a couple times. When I'm in Kyoto during the summer I have to stop at Kagizen for kuzukiri!

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      This thread seems like it's off to an odd start doesn't it! It's because it was moved from the Japan board.

      My favorite American summer dessert is the peach ice cream they hand-churn outside the orchard near my late grandma's house in Georgia, followed by strawberry shortcake!

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        hi la2tokyo. thanks for your comments.
        i just found out that my post was moved to here. strange... because i sort of wanted to know what kinds of desserts are people in japan eating to make this hot humid summer more enjoyable. but i've noticed that many people like pie. i love the peach pie too:)

    2. Summer pudding.

      Cherry pie.

      Peach pie.

      Strawberry shortcake--though I prefer to make one big one and just eat that for supper.

      1. Peach and berry cobbler. Sorbet. Watermelon!

        1. Fresh strawberries, peaches, cherries or blueberries, which ever is in season on top of Angel food or pound cake w/ vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream, screams summer for me.

          1. Ice cold watermelon or cantaloupe.

            1. Strawberry pie, refrigerator cake, peaches with champagne sauce.

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                Would love to have your recipe for the champagne sauce, if you please. (but you may have to put a link over on the Home Cooking as the mods may not like it here).

              2. Love having a chilled fruit. Very refreshing and usually goes very quickly. I like to do balls of watermelon, cantelope, casaba, and fresh pineapple.

                1. Taiwanese shaved ice (with condensed milk, sweet azuki beans, grass jelly, mango slices and whatever else that looks good that day ...)

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                    shaved ice is a must! but what makes taiwanese special? maybe fruits?
                    also do you have the places where they make the ice only for shaved ice? that makes a lot difference.

                  2. Grilled peaches tossed with cinnamon and minced candied ginger. A la mode not necessary, but extra delicious... =)

                    1. Syrupy fresh strawberries over sweet cream ice cream

                      1. Berries and cream, and another vote for ice-cold watermelon.

                        1. Fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit. On ice cream, in pies or tarts, or just as-is. There is no way to improve a raspberry.

                          I also like creme brulee, flan, and similar cold custards, especially with fruit! :-)

                          1. Fruit with aged traditional balsamic vinegar, sometimes on panna cotta.

                            Fruit & sweetened condensed milk atop shaved ice.

                            Honeydew or watermelon granita (with or without alcohol).

                            1. Peach pie. i have a recipe that calls for a buttermilk mixture added to the peaches, and it the balance of slightly sour and sweet is perfect. It's creamy bordering on custardy. I prefer the pie after it's been chilled.

                              Strawberry shortcake, but only if there is cream or milk to soak the cake *and* whipped cream.

                              If I could ever get my hands on Ben and Jerry's Wavy Gravy again, I likely would cry a little.

                              Greek yogurt parfaits. Honey, walnuts, granola and cranberries, or mangoes and honey.

                              Rhubarb-strawberry crumble, with vanilla ice cream. My Mimmie made a lovely one, but when I asked her for the recipe, all she would say is, "I make it just like everyone else." That's what she says about all her recipes.

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                                Can you post the recipe for peach pie please? That sounds delicious!

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                                  Okay, but let me EXPLAIN (she said, while looking for a safe place to hide her chow passport, so they couldn't take it from her). When I first moved out, my mother used to give me cookbooks that were . . . for people who didn't cook. And one of these was the *coughs and lowers voice* Brand Name Recipes Cookbook. Okay, I'm giving you the recipe, and then explaining how I modified it when I grew brave enough to actually slice a peach myself.

                                  Two ten inch pie crusts, unbaked
                                  1 can 29-ounce peaches in syrup, 3 tablespoons liquid reserved
                                  3 tablespoons cornstarch
                                  1 cup sugar, divided
                                  3 eggs
                                  1/3 cup buttermilk
                                  1/2 cup butter, melted
                                  1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                                  2 tablespoons butter, melted
                                  a bit of sugar for sprinkling

                                  Place bottom crust into a pie plate, do the little flutey-thing, brush the edges with a bit of water, and preheat oven to 400ºF. Drain peaches, reserving 3 tablespoons syrup. Cut peaches into one-inch chunks, and put into mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together cornstarch and 3 tablespoons sugar; add reserved peach syrup, remaining sugar, eggs and buttermilk, and combine well, and then add the melted butter and vanilla mixture. Pour over peaches, stirring until the peaches are coated. Put the filling into the unbaked pie crust. Cover pie with top crust (I like to use a latticework top, but you could just vent it). Glaze the top crust with melted butter, and then sprinkle with the sugar. Bake 30-40. Cool before serving.

                                  Now, if you want to use canned peaches, more power to you. I still do sometimes. But with fresh peaches, I do recommend blanching them first, and then you have to whip up some peach syrup (just the simple syrup one would use in canning, with a bit of peach juice) to replace what you spooned out of the can. Also, lemon can be nice in this pie (I substituted half of the syrup with lemon, and was pleased). I have increased the custardy filling (not quite doubling it), and liked it, but it really was too wet (but that could have just been me and math butting heads again). Be warned, it's a sweet pie (but less so when fresh peaches are used).

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                                    One thing you'll learn over time on Chowhound that the origin of a recipe or what's used in it matters not in the least to those assembled here, as long as the result is delicious.

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                                      I know, I've been lurking on here for years before I ever posted a thing. The open mindedness I've encountered here is so encouraging. I just felt like there were maybe *two* things I have never seen anyone admit to on here: canned fruit, and spray cheese.

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                                        Both have been covered a lot. Search "canned peaches" and "spray cheese". Both have their advocates (I love canned peaches, not much on spray cheese myself.)

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                                          My mother always used canned peaches in the trifle she made at Christmas (the only time she made trifle). So I do.

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                                            One of the last things I ate that my mom had made was home-canned peaches from the summer before she died. My dad, M and I shared them. It was both very nice and very sad.

                              2. Fresh fruit cobblers - blueberries, raspberries, blackberries; peaches, apricots, pineapple.
                                Strawberry shortcake with buttery biscuits & fresh whipped cream. Grilled fresh sliced plums with crystallized ginger crushed over the top & vanilla ice cream. I adore ice cream so I eat that at any time of the year; a delicious combination is dark chocolate ice cream with fresh blueberries and a sprinkling of granola with almonds.

                                1. Summer pudding & gooseberry/rhubarb fool.

                                  That'll do for me until the autumn.

                                  1. listed in order of preference.
                                    1. Fruit and berries
                                    2. ice cream (in all its forms, shake, cakes and pies)
                                    3. ice cold beer

                                    1. Avocado ice cream
                                      Iced coffee and cream

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                                        is your avocado ice cream a home made? sounds good.

                                      2. Strawberry -- or any fruit-- shortcake, peach crisp, any fruit pie. Or even just fruit...