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Jun 21, 2010 11:30 PM

what is your favorite summer desserts?

i like ice cream (regardless of the seasons) but i especially like kuzukiri tokoroten, and warabimochi during hot humid summer.
what is your favorite? also do you make it from scratch?

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  1. Anmitsu and kuzumochi are OK, but kuzukiri is by far the best on a hot day! I've made my own, but only a couple times. When I'm in Kyoto during the summer I have to stop at Kagizen for kuzukiri!

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      This thread seems like it's off to an odd start doesn't it! It's because it was moved from the Japan board.

      My favorite American summer dessert is the peach ice cream they hand-churn outside the orchard near my late grandma's house in Georgia, followed by strawberry shortcake!

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        hi la2tokyo. thanks for your comments.
        i just found out that my post was moved to here. strange... because i sort of wanted to know what kinds of desserts are people in japan eating to make this hot humid summer more enjoyable. but i've noticed that many people like pie. i love the peach pie too:)

    2. Summer pudding.

      Cherry pie.

      Peach pie.

      Strawberry shortcake--though I prefer to make one big one and just eat that for supper.

      1. Peach and berry cobbler. Sorbet. Watermelon!

        1. Fresh strawberries, peaches, cherries or blueberries, which ever is in season on top of Angel food or pound cake w/ vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream, screams summer for me.

          1. Ice cold watermelon or cantaloupe.