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Jun 21, 2010 11:02 PM

Uses for hazelnut oil

What are your favourite ways to use hazelnut oil? I've seen that it is generally used in salad dressings, but I'd like to experiment with more ways of using it. (homemade Nutella, replacing part of butter in hazelnut shortbread type cookies, cupcakes maybe?) I also read that hazelnut oil shouldn't be heated much, so in that case maybe cupcakes aren't such a good idea?

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  1. It's nice dribbled onto a bowl of pumpkin soup. Or brushed onto toast with a sliver of blue cheese and pear.

    1. hmm, i wouldn't bake with it, but if you want to use it for cupcakes, maybe you could whisk some of the oil into a chocolate frosting for a nutella's a vegan recipe that calls for stirring in vegetable oil off the heat, so you could use the hazelnut oil instead:

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        I tend to use it when I'm using hazelnuts in a dish.

      2. Drizzled over homemade ravioli was the way I first had it, in France. I use one teaspoon of it on a salad; it's so flavorful you can use only a little so cuts calories.

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          I have a bottle of walnut oil, and I made ravioli (using wonton wrappers) with cheese, walnuts, and a bit of the oil...then after cooking them I drizzled the oil on top. Delicious! You could definitely do the same thing with hazelnuts.

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            I tried it drizzled over ravioli today and loved it! thanks for the idea.

          2. I use it when I need a 'tasty in a good way' oil when making pastry or baked goods generally, not so much as an ingredient but as a tool, to 'butter' pans and moulds, or to add a little shine. As you would for olive oil for savoury foods.