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Jun 21, 2010 07:50 PM

First stop of the season @ Dipsy Doodle off Rt. 93 in Northfield/Tilton NH - Yum yum yum!!!!!

I just love this place. food is fantastic. Hubby got a great venison burger with great fries for $7.95, I had an unbelievably fantastic full belly clam roll with fries for $12. We both had a kiddie cone for $1.25 - now that's what a kiddie cone should be - not friggin $3.25 (crazy but many places give you a moster kiddie cone at a monster price). I forget their brand but peppermint stick was awesome, hubby got raspberry truffle (he didn't share). :-)

great customer service too, they were busy but the owner/cook took a few minutes once they got caught up to come out, make the rounds and ask folks how they were enjoying themselves.

big thumbs up! I've been craving their hot lobster roll but we had lobster pie with Dad for father's day so my craving past - I've had their haddock bites and they were fantastic too, as is their sweet potato fries. I know people have seen me mention this place before but for all those newbies that head north, I say STOP!!! you won't be disappointed.

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  1. It's hard to believe but it's been weeks since we've been there. We usually get a lobster roll and onion rings. DH suggested for a change we might see if the Tamarack has gotten good again but I said I would rather go to Red Hill Dairy. I thought we might get up there last Sunday but we got invited to a lobster cookout.

    There's a small ice cream stand in Boscawen on Long Street. It's a branch of Richardson's from Dracut where the ice cream is made. I decided to treat myself to a banana ice cream and got the kidde cone for $2. The owner said he should probably change the sign to small, medium and large. The medium is actually two scoops. The kiddie size is one nice sized scoop. Their frozen pudding is pretty good too and DH likes their peanut butter cup.

    Ah, good ol' summer time.

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      I too love Richardson's ice cream, they are popping up everywhere. I wish I had gotten the onion rings, the fries were excellent but I love a good ring and I know theirs are great.

      R U my sister??? We too past on the lobster roll because we too had lobster pie on Sunday!!!

    2. Had the hot lobster roll last week at Dipsy Doodle Dairy Bar. It was very good! I usually get the regular lobster salad roll there, but decided to try the hot one with the butter. Love it, but still love the lobster rolls at the Beach Plum in No. Hampton. Hands down the best still IMO.

      1. Hi Lexpatti,

        You may think that your posts just resonate with locals, but your enthusiasm for Dipsy Doodle motivated me to go out of my way to go there, and I fell in love with the place. I especially love the onion rings, but the fried clams and hot lobster roll are terrific, too. And care is taken on dishes you'd never expect -- for example, the chicken tenders,which are homemade and made from real chicken. My only complaint is that they are out of t-shirts for th eseason.