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Jun 21, 2010 07:07 PM

Lamb korma too thin?

Based on the 5 cookbooks thread I got the Classical Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni. I immediately set out after making lamb korma, my favorite dish.

The book calls for simmering the lamb for two hours in a covered pot. The result is supposed to be a sauce that reduces to almost nothing, barely enough to cover the meat. I usually braise uncovered but decided to follow the recipe precisely and left the lid on.

But after an hour the result was a thin and soupy liquid that seemed to be more than I had started with. I decided to leave the lid askew and at the two hour mark it is scarcely better.

What am I doing wrong? Suggestions?

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  1. Is the meat tender enough?

    I think it just need reducing; I would raise the heat and boil away most of the liquid. Obviously as it gets drier you'll need to stir more to avoid sticking.

    Dishes like this also thicken as the onions break down.

    Some Indian recipes call for boiling the stew dry, adding liquid, and boiling it dry again, etc. So don't be afraid to cook it down.

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      Thanks for the reply. This recipe called for cooking it until it was very dry. It went out of it's way to emphasize that, so you're right on point. It's just that I can't figure out how that could be done with a lid on... I'm no rocket surgeon, but it seems like that would take a lot longer than the two hours.

      I ended up doing just as you said. Blasted it and stirred away. Came out nicely.

      1. re: mmmcqueen

        N. American meat seems to exude a lot of moisture--I have gotten in the habit of cutting back on the liquid and/or reducing the sauce for Indian recipes. I have had the same problem with my Rogan Josh!