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Jun 21, 2010 06:48 PM

Groceries near 4th and Market?

As I go to the muni station, I always see bunches of people (mostly asians) with groceries in red plastic bags with thank you on the bag. Not being a native, I have no idea where they come from and haven't had a chance to track it to the source. Also, I just haven't had the chance to grab someone and ask them. I was wondering if perhaps someone knows what I'm talking about and what grocery store (seems like an asian grocery store) these people are all coming from.

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  1. They're coming from Chinatown. And they're probably getting off from the 30 Stockton bus.

    1. Peg is right. The only grocery stores near 4th and Market are the upscale Bristol Farms in the Westfield SF Center, or little Mom & Pop bodegas in the Tenderloin (or Whole Foods at 4th and Harrison).

      Those red/pink bags are ubiquitous in Chinatown... most stores use them.

      Bristol Farms
      845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA