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Jun 21, 2010 05:14 PM

Lookin for some good cheeses

Trying to find some good, fresh cheese for pasta+others. Something like feta or ricotta...

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  1. Whole Foods best, then Costco downtown.

    1. when it first opened Safeway in Kapahulu had a great selection of cheeses, they still have some, but not like before. I'm guessing your best bet is Whole Foods, but you might check Tamura's and Fujiokas.

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        R. Field either on Beretania or Kailua has some good selections. Whole Foods definitely has an amazing selection, too far to drive for me but soon Kailua a few minutes away will be the home of the newest one on Oahu in 2011. We had the nicest cheese board selection with great crackers and bread from Whole Foods a couple months ago it was a great lunch!