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Jun 21, 2010 05:05 PM

Long Island - Brunch location or a 1 year old birthday party

I am in the midst of planning my daughters first birthday party - it's shaping up to be quite a crowd so i'm looking for reccommendations for a brunch location on Long Island - ideally near the nassau/queens border.

we are looking for a place that can do a private buffet brunch for anywhere from 75-100 people and won't break the bank. We are looking to spend $20 a head all in (or less, if possible).

please let me know about any restuarants/venues that you may know of - and thanks so much for your help.


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  1. Try Shish Kebab in Plainview. The price will be right.

    1. I'm doing a brunch at Mim's in Roslyn. They are known for their good food. Check them out!

      1. This is probably inappropriate, but I'd be surprised if I am the only one thinking it...

        Seriously? 75-100 people for a 1 year old's party? What are you going to do once she's actually old enough to remember it? Rent a catering hall?

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          She didn't ask for your judgment, she asked for a location. I don't see the point to this reply.

          1. re: MisterBill2

            Didn't ask for and don't care about your opinion - thanks to the others for the suggestions :)

          2. Shisk Kebab is a good choic, they have a private room, but the door is open and the food will be outside the room. I don't know if they can accomodate 100 people . Food is decent.

            Milleride Inn on 107 has a nice buffet and private rooms but it might be above your budget.

            I think Singleton's on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown has a buffet I have never beenn there but it has a good reputation.

            Good luck

            1. Riverbay on Willis Ave in Williston, is good geographically, and their buffet brunch is around $23 per person--this might work--you're limiting yourself with the buffett requirement, you might be better off to just have a set menu with choices and includes drink for that price--Bourbon Street Cafe in Bayside, would fit your needs, I would think--and it's not too far to travel--parking though, might be an issue with that many people, although there is a municpipal lot, I think....--Jonathon's on Jericho Turnpike which is good, could perhaps work out--and is pretty--and convenient to get to---

              That's a lot of people, once you get over the 50 threshold, it just becomes much more difficult to deal with

              --as far as the comment about the extravagance of the event.--I can understand you didn't ask for an opinion about the validity of the event, however,.I would just mention that 1 year old's can get very temperamental and overwhelmed by so many people at once, and brunch's can be drawn out, and it might be a lot of overstimulation for the kid--If you can pull it off, and it's something that is important for your loved ones to celebrate in that way--that will be great for you, and -perhaps your child is easy going in that way--but, I did a very low key small dessert party at home, when my son turned 1, and was so glad that I did, because my kid was kind of freaked out by so many people, some he recognized and others new--and it just became a bit much after an hour or so--loud and chaotic--and I'm glad he had his room to go into and retreat with a few trusted people he knew to keep him calm, while the rest of the party continued in the other areas---it was a good compromise.

              Let us know how it works out, and good luck.