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Jun 21, 2010 03:09 PM

Good ready-made lasagne (Calgary)?

Hi - does anyone have advice on where I can pickup a good ready-made lasagne (vegetarian or meat) to bake at home? My family loves lasagne but I find its too time-consuming to make very often.
I have tried Sunterra's and have been underwelmed to say the least.
I have also tried Mercato - too rich and too expensive IMHO.
I've also tried various frozen versions from the grocery store - I would like something fresh that I can pop in the oven (either vegetarian or meat lasagne).
Not sure if any such thing (other than the Mercato and Sunterra options) exist, but please let me know if you've come across a good one.

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  1. Lina's is the first place that comes to mind.

    A while ago, for my nephew, I picked one up at COSTCO. The price quality ratio was excellent.

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      I second Zinetti's from Costco. They make several varieties, but we like the regular ground beef one the best. It's $14.99 a pan. Lasagne is very time-consuming and trust me, Zinetti's tastes homemade.

      The premium Presiden'ts choice one at Superstore is not bad, but I find overly rich plus the kids don't like the rapini in the filling, tends to be a bit bitter.

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        Ditto Zinetti's from Costco. Only problem is the size if you are not feeding an army....

    2. I liked the lasagne at the ready-made food place in Bridgeland on 1st Ave. I believe it's called The Main Dish.

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        I agree - Main Dish has a very good lasagne - both meat and vegetarian. Another option is Giuseppe's (1 st SW between 12 and 13 ave). They usually have it available fresh or frozen.

      2. Scarpone's near deerfoot and 32nd (or is it memorial) has good frozen lasagna. i'm pretty sure they make the noodles from fresh dough. They've also got really good frozen cannelloni, etc.

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          i should also mention that the frozen lasagna at Scarpone's is "homemade" - in case it wasn't clear from the use of fresh noodles. :P

        2. About 30 years ago I was privileged to be invited for 3 years in a row, to an annual company party catered by Roma Catering. Nothing has ever come close to tasting as wonderful as their lasagna did. I have searched for the past 30 years for a restaurant that makes it like they did, and have yet to find anything that could even be considered close. Over the years I asked many Italian's for recommendations, always explaining what I am looking for, and the response was always that no one makes it like "Mamma" of Roma Catering did it. They now run La Cantina in the Italian Centre, but lasagna isn’t on the menu. I called Roma a few years ago to ask about buying a pan of their lasagna and I believe the price was around $100. for a 12x8” pan. A bit too much for me at the time, but as my search continues to bring no other results, I will have to go for it, if only to see if it is as good as I remember. If it is, then it’s worth every penny.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm looking forward to sampling.