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Jun 21, 2010 02:47 PM

Paris for 12 Days in August - Need Cheap Eat Suggestions!

I will be traveling to Paris with my boyfriend Aug 18-30. He speaks French and has spent a few years in France...not much in Paris, but knows the city some. We are both graduate students so price/budget is a major concern, but will likely splurge on occassion on the trip.

We are partial to street and Ethnic food, and will also most likely try anything. I know some restaurants are likely closed due to our travel time. We will be likely staying in the 15th but will be exploring all over Paris given that we have the time, so location is not a major issue.

All suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your time!

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  1. Took a trip last summer with my two sons and found a few great cheap places:

    As du Fallafel
    4th/ 34 rue des Rosiers (St Paul)
    Great Falafels and they cost less if you take them to go. Worth the long lines. Around 6 -10 euros.

    Chez Marianne
    4th / 2 rue des Hospitaliers St-Gervais (St-Paul)
    Wonderful Mideastern Food. You can build your own combo plate as large or as small as you like from over two dozen choices. . Great outdoor dining. So good we ate there 4 times. Price about 15 euros. Can be very busy at times. A true bargain.

    Paradis du Fruit
    17th/ 32 av de Wagram (Ternes)
    Great salads, stir-fry and fruit dishes. Open very late. Other locations all over Paris.

    Cremerie Restaurant Polidor
    6th/ 41 rue Monsieur-Le Prince
    Wonderful food in a 150 year old restaurant all under 20 euros. The duck was great.

    Creperie Ulysee en Gaule
    28 rue Cler
    Great crepes. 3-10 euros.

    enjoy your trip.

    1. Go to Des Gateaux et du Pain for croissants, pastries, etc. It's a brilliant shop. You can locate the specifics via the Internet.

      1. I'm going to toss out a very old name of a very ordinary bistro that is very special. Machon d'Henri is in the heart of the touristy 6th, cheek by jowl with many lively tourist oriented restaurants and bars. This little (24 seat) room serves up classic bistro stuff almost 365 days a year. It is open 7 days at lunch and dinner. Over the years, we have come to recognize many locals who eat here almost daily as well as chat with tourists from around the world. There is a printed menu of very basic staples plus an extensive chalkboard with some dozen additional starters and mains. Written in French, but someone near you will help translate as will the sweet waiters. Wine is availably by bottle or by "pot", house wine served in slightly over half-bottle portions. Starter, main, dessert, wine and coffee, probably around 40€ a person, but you can order only two courses or even less if you want.

        Machon d'Henri, rue Guissarde

        1. Many cafes serve quite decent food; and remember, tiered pricing is the norm. In the touristy fith and sixth I have seen three price levels. Eating and drinking at the bar can make sense. Then there are the upscale cafes like Cafe Constant and Le Castiglione, where you can just order a salad, with no pressure to order a full meal. Don't try this at the typical bistro; their economics require a two or three course order.

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