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Jun 21, 2010 02:30 PM

Farina - Any Recent Experiences?

Does anyone have any recent experiences at Farina? I have never been and I don't see anything too recent regarding visits. The reviews I find elsewhere are mixed with most people complaining about it being loud, expensive and small portions. I was interested in hearing from others about their thoughts.

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  1. I ate at Farina for the 1st time just this past Saturday night. We ate on the early side, so it was not very busy or very loud.

    I thought the food was quite good. We had the seared scallops appetizer, the walnut pesto-sauced pansotti and the sword fish. I would agree the portions are modest in size and a little on the pricey side, but the quality is there.

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      How is the seating arranged? I understand there is a counter, but are there any individual 2 and 4 tops or is it basically counter and communal seating? How close together are the tables?

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        In addition to the counter seating & communal table, there are a good number of 2 & 4 top tables. I would say the spacing between the tables is "standard" for restaurants these days, which is probably a little closer than one might like.

    2. I went their during a special they were having with several items half-off, and enjoyed it quite a bit.

      However, I find their normal prices to be way too high for what you get. With Delfina half a block away, the only reason I would recommend Farina is if you like high-end Italian wines. Their pesto is excellent, but not mindblowing, which I would want it to be, at $20, same for the focaccia, at $14.

      Delfina Restaurant
      3621 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      1. i, too, went for the first time this past saturday around 7pm. we got the prosciutto and burrata focaccia, which i really liked, but i thought it was on the expensive side at $18, i think. i was eyeing the pastas but opted for the fritto di barca. it was a huge serving of deep-fried items, but i should have gone with a pasta. everything was a bit soggy as if it had been fried, then sitting out for a while. panna cotta for dessert was great. another friend got the latte dolce fritto, which i didn't particularly like.

        i did have fun watching one of the guys behind the bar tossing pizza/focaccia dough.

        1. I've been here twice, most recently last Saturday night during prime service. Our first dinner was so uninspired that I can't remember what I ate -- I remembered only that I would not go there again. BUT, things change, friends invited us, so we went. The waiter was so freaking rude and aggressive that had I been dining with my spouse, we simply would have left. (The waiter is the one who looks sort of like Gavin Newsom with tattoos. Avoid him at all costs.) We ordered the burrata appetizer, which was sloppy but good and generously proportioned. My spouse ordered handkerchief pasta with the gold-star-award pesto sauce. Meh. Too creamy and small portion. I ordered the tortellini with venison ragout which, while tasty, was horribly dry. The table ordered the fried milk dessert, which was as weird as it sounds, but I skipped dessert and ordered a glass of nocino. The nocino was terrible -- like someone dissolved a piece of cinnamon candy in the glass. Don't waste your time here. There are plenty of other good Italian restaurants where you won't overpay and hate your waiter.

          3560 18th St, San Francisco, CA 94110