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Jun 21, 2010 02:20 PM

How do you edit or delete your Chowhound posts?

How do you edit or delete your Chowhound posts? I can't seem to find anything to click on to edit or delete my posts. Thanks.

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  1. If it's been less than two hours, you can click on the word "edit" next to "permalink" and "reply." If you want the post deleted, click on "report" and explain why.

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    1. re: Glencora

      And if it's still within the "edit window of opportunity" I've seen some people just delete all the words and write "deleted." That's the fast way, esp. if you think you may have offended:)

      1. re: c oliver

        Thanks...I'm a member of other boards and on those you can edit anytime and delete without having to explain why...that's the preferable way.

        1. re: john333

          There are many potential complications where edits could derail a thread/conversation, if replies were intended for the original pre-edit post. A simple example: Person A posts "I love hotdogs" and person B replies "Me Too!" If person A then goes back to edit the post to "I love burgers" there would be a problem since person B's reply becomes inaccurate at this point. For many changes, it's often best just to post a correction in the same thread.

          1. re: limster

            Excellent explanation. One of my frequent failings is leaving out "not."