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Jun 21, 2010 02:18 PM

Fill in the Blank...I cant believe you went to Atlanta and you didnt have......

I have been going through the board trying to find places I should eat. But what I would like to know is what places fall into the...I cant believe you went to Atlanta and didn't Have category,

types of food...Southern, Korean, BBQ, Breakfast etc... All your suggestions are much appreciated.... I will be there in August, so I want to make sure this foodie has a great list to hit...

Talks amoungst yourselves...

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  1. um, well, how about "...a better idea of where I was staying, what I was interested in, how I was getting around, etc..." The Gwinnettians would probably disagree, but you hit "Atlanta" up N on I-85 and you're in "Atlanta" for about an hour after that. Big city. Mucho options. Need more info. Cheers.

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    1. re: ted

      Hey Ted, Sorry, I am staying by the World Congress Center in Atlanta

      1. re: SaminSFL

        There are tons of options on Buford Highway, if really good Latin/Vietnamese/Chinese/Korean are of interest. You'll probably need a car, but it's do-able via MARTA/cab. Decatur is a fun, walkable city within the city, accessible by MARTA. Great options for food and beer. Lots of higher end places are located in Midtown, on the West Side and up to Buckhead, with plenty of more-reasonable options sprinkled about. Virginia Highlands is a nice walkable neighborhood with plenty of restos and boutiques. But you'd need a car or a decent-length cab ride to get there.

        So, that's very general, but there's a whole lot of specifics that've been written about on the board in the not-too-distant past. Take a look and narrow it down some more.

        1. re: ted

          I will have a car, so no problem with driving, plus I love exploring new cities. I am very interested in the Korean scene, and the Southern Food and BBQ scene. Or what ever little suprises there are with in the city or outside.

          I am driving in from South Florida, was told to stop at the Smokin Pig on the way in.

          1. re: SaminSFL

            Southern (varying prices):
            Silver Skillet
            Ria's Bluebird
            The Colonnade
            JCT Kitchen
            Restaurant Eugene

            Restaurant Eugene
            2277 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

            Silver Skillet
            200 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

            1. re: SaminSFL

              Hope it's not too late to give you suggestions:
              Most are on or near Buford Highway
              Korean BBQ: Cho Sun Ok
              Korean: Woo Nam Jeong
              Chinese: Chinatown Food Court (New Peachtree Rd) or Manchunhong
              Vietnamese: Pho Dai Loi
              Mexican: El Rey del Taco or El Pastor
              Peruvian: Machu Picchu or Las Brasas (Decatur)

              El Pastor
              5094 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340

              Las Brasas
              310 E Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

              1. re: BuHi

                Not too late at all, thanks for the suggestions. I am making my game plan now. Headed up in August. We have some great Mexican down here in florida, so not really looking for that.

                Flavors on my radar are: Southern food, BBQ(not too many good ones in florida) Korean, Maybe some Tapas. and a really good southern breakfast place. Any suggestions for the above mentioned is always appreciated.

                1. re: BuHi

                  Good list by BuHi. A few additions (not on Buford Highway):

                  Persian: Falafel Cafe in Marietta
                  Chinese: Tasty China in Marietta
                  Ethiopian: Queen of Sheba (or try fish tibs at Desta, but not on Fri or Sat nights, overcrowded)
                  Polish: Gimza
                  Indonesian: Batavia or Waroeng Corner
                  Somali: Darussalam
                  Cambodian: Phnom Penh
                  Indian: Udipi
                  Ramen: Umaido

                  1. re: quimbaya

                    Thats great, the Ethiopean looks interesting. Keep bring on the suggestions!

          2. ok, I'll give it a shot, with downtown your starting point:
            1. breakfast at Thumb's Up, on Edgewood. I like the greek scramble w/spuds, but take your pick. short drive.
            2. In the unlikely event its not too hot, a late [9pm?] dinner at FAB on Ivan Allen on the rooftop. Walking distance. Neat spot, pretty good brasserie chow - salad nicoise, skate wing, etc.
            3. If you can find it, dinner at Floataway. Near Emory U/Hospital, generally
            4. Korean bbq at Hanil Kwan, just inside 285 on Buford
            5. Tuesday? night fried chicken at Watershed.
            6. pomme frites at Shaun's, Inman Park
            7. Margherita pizza and caesar salad at fritti fritti.
            8. If you get out Buford Highway, banh mi and pho at Lee's Bakery
            9. Maybe bbq at Community, Clairmont n. of Decatur, or Rolling Bones on Edgewood [before you reach Thumb's Up].
            10. Upscale seafood, $$$, Oceanaire.

            Floataway Cafe
            1123 Zonolite Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306-2015

            Hanil Kwan
            5458 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30340

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            1. re: RxDiesel

              Rx and Rc Thanks, all great recommendations, and I plan on having a great foodie experience in Atalanta. Will let all of you know how my experience goes.

              1. re: SaminSFL

                I'd offer Social instead of FAB. More Euro-bistro feel. We've been a couple times and eaten downstairs before seeing a show downtown.

            2. Heading up there tomorrow.... So if any other suggestions anyone has would be more then welcomed.

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              1. re: SaminSFL

                If you're staying by the World Congress Center, it might seem like there are just chains and gimmicky restaurants for the tourists, but don't be fooled! Social is a cool little bistro walking distance from your hotel.

                For BBQ, Daddy D'z is my favorite, followed closely by Rolling Bones and Fox Brothers BBQ (all within a 5-10 minute drive of downtown, where you'll be staying).

                Southern - Ria's Bluebird (for breakfast or brunch) or her other restaurant, Sauced, are both kind of retro and unique, delicious restaurants.

                Tapas - I'd say Pura Vida on Highland (Hector Santiago's restaurant, love him though he got booted off Top Chef early a few years ago).... or even Carroll Street Cafe (my neighborhood favorite).

                Welcome to Atlanta!

                Fox Brothers' BBQ
                1238 Dekalb Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307

                Daddy D'z
                264 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

                Ria's Blue Bird
                421 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

                Rolling Bones Barbecue
                377 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

                Social Restaurant & Wine Bar
                12 W Peachtree Pl NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

                Pura Vida
                656 North Highland Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306

                Carroll Street Cafe
                208 Carroll St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

              2. BBQ - Fox Brothers, Dekalb Ave, or Dave Poe's BBQ on Whitlock west of Marietta Square.

                Szechuan - Tasty China, Franklin Road & S 120 Loop, Marietta

                Chinese - Hong Kong BBQ, Chinatown Food Court

                Southern - Mary Mac's or The Collonade, or Greenwood's on Green Street, Roswell

                Dominican - Mi Pilon, Buford Hwy @ Mitchell Rd north of Jimmy Carter Blvd.

                Tasty China
                585 Franklin Rd SE Ste 215, Marietta, GA 30067

                Mi Pilon
                5705 Buford Hwy, Norcross, GA 30071

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