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Jun 21, 2010 01:16 PM

Seeking Good Beer Places (St. Louis)

Can anyone recommend a bar/grill, restaurant or tavern in St. Louis with a good beer list and food? I know of the Taproom from my old days in STL, but I can't think of any others. I will have a toddler with me, so I need places that serve food as well as good beer. Interested in trying some local/midwest selections that we can't get out on the West Coast.

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  1. I recommend Hill Brewing Co. in Ferguson, off the Florissant Rd. exit off I-70, which coming from downtown will be a few miles from the airport. Good bbq, good eats, and family friendly I'd say. Just been open a few months.

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      We like Hill Brewing also. Go to their website and sign up for their email list and you can get free coupons via email. Our last one was for $5 off and the most recent is for a free appetizer.

      To the original poster, are you looking specifically for a brew pub that serves its own microbrews or a place that offers a wide selection of multiple beers - bottled or on tap?

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        I would prefer a place that had a wide selection of multiple beers, but would be interested in local brewpubs that brew exceptional fare.

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          I think the brews at Hill quite fine. Other possibilities are Schlafly Bottleworks, I think more kid friendly than the other location, and of course well-known brews. Quite an eclectic menu. The one time I went I thought the food quite good. There is a new place in Forest Park area (Six Row??)..know nothing about the brews or if there is food. The Bridge, in the loft district downtown (on Locust) has fine food, even beyond gastropub I'd say, and MANY drinks to choose from of all stripes. A more adult environment, though, but probably fine earlier in the day. Square One in the Lafayette Square area is quite good, and I think of their food as good pub food.

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            My husband likes the selection of beers at Growler's. Food is basic pub fare but since that's what we tend to like, that's fine with us. A toddler would be fine at the Olive/Ballas Rd location.