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Jun 21, 2010 01:15 PM

It's a bakery not a puzzle

Why is it that every time I walk into a bakery, someone (who is always ahead of me in line) starts their order and then goes into a baked goods induced coma and can't seem to continue their order. What it it about cookies and pastries that make intelligent adults forget how to put words together? Has anyone else every experienced this phenomenon?

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  1. Too many choices inhibit decisionmaking. If we have too many possibilities, we are rendered practically incompetent. I think there is some research that supports this, although that work doesn't quite call us "incompetent". Also, sometimes one gets to the front of the line and hasn't had a chance to view all of the sugary options!

    1. All the time, but I expect and understand it.

      My local bakery likes to provide a simple little placrd for each pastry, limited a 'title', but those who are not familiar with the pastry are forced to wait there turn ask ask, "What is *this*? Oooh, okay, but what is *this*?" Some patrons might know a bee-sting, but not get what bienenstich consists of. Components are often not listed on the cute little placards, with the main-event ingrediant taking the spot light. Something is listed as a chocolate-raspberry-whatever, but it looks like there is coconut peeking out, and someone who hates coconut will want to clarify. I never rush into my local bakery and expect to be in and out the door. I use my time in line to pinpoint the goods I want, and the ones I have questions about.

      Sorry if I ever made you late for anything (she said with a *smile*).