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Jun 21, 2010 01:13 PM

best thai in the Junction/High Park area (that delivers)?

I have a craving for thai food, but every time I try a new place in the area I'm so disappointed. I can't even remember what places I've tried before (Simply Thai in Bloor West is terrible, not fond of the Green Mango by Runnymede either) but does anyone have tried and true recommendations? I'm looking for a great fresh roll. I've also tried the Friendly Thai on Dundas West and I don't remember being impressed. Is Young Thailand gone? I've read reviews but get the impression it's gone?

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  1. Don't know about the fresh rolls, but Baan Thai ( is pretty good.

    Baan Thai Restaurant
    2961 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z2, CA

    1. My Thai Kitchen on Bloor at Keele (Indian Grove) used to be pretty consistent, but we ordered it last night and it was so-so. It's been my go-to spot for the past few years, though. I'd try it again for sure. Used to be called Thai 4 You.

      Thai 4 You
      1675 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P1A6, CA

      My Thai Kitchen
      3080 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1C8, CA

      1. ordered from Baan Thai and won't be ordering again. Sigh. Sigh...

        Got the fresh rolls, veggie papaya salad, veggie pad thai and coconut rice. Underwhelmed.

        Maybe the meat dishes are better.

        1. Young Thailand is gone. It's called Silk now. Young Thailand never delivered anyhow. I haven't tried Silk but none of the other Thai places in the area are that great (Baan Thai, Friendly Thai). I think there are a couple of Thai places on Roncey. Never tried them though.

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          1. re: cecilia

            Silk seems to be a simple rebranding of the Young Thailand location that was previously at that location. According to the menu I got, it's still owned by Wandee Young. The menu also indicates that delivery is an option.

            Silk Authentic Thai & Asian Cuisine
            2907 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z1, CA

            1. re: detritus

              Aaah I will give them a try next time. Not giving up just yet lol.

            2. re: cecilia

              If anyone tries this place (Silk), please let us know. Young Thailand is the restaurant that was guilty of taking me from a picky eater who considered Chinese buffet to be too wild and converting me to the Thai addicted adventurous foodie that I am today. I'd love to hear how this place holds us.

              1. re: vorpal

                We got takeout from Silk tonight (basic pad thai, rice, curry, etc). Basically it's new management but the same kitchen and dining room staff. Silk is owned by the same people as Silk Room by Dundas and Kipling.

                The food tasted exactly the same as Young Thailand that was there before. So decent Thai, better than the others in the area. And they do deliver now within Runnymede/St. Clair/Lansdowne/Bloor area.

                The Silk Room
                Etobicoke, Toronto, ON , CA

                1. re: cecilia

                  We went to Silk last week . We've been many times when it was Young Thailand. This was our first Silk experience. We found the food sweeter than we remembered it, the soups blander, and the meats drier.Veggies were fine.

                  It could have been a bad day; we'll go back, but after trying all the other Junction places first..

                  Silk needs to introduce their Etobicoke fusion menu.

                  1. re: Dean Tudor

                    i'd rate my thai kitchen above baan thai and baan thai above young thailand/silk. i would give my thai kitchen another chance, maybe they had an off night. i also find that eat-in usually tastes better than delivery/take-out. the congealing takes away something.
                    as for silk, i had dinner there about 2 weeks ago. the menu is exactly the same as young thailand was and a bit disappointing. YT used to be very good but declined over the years. the new branding has not helped.
                    in roncesvalles, thai chef delivers to the high park/junction area. prices are a bit more than baan thai and the food is about the same.

                    1. re: Dean Tudor

                      ordered from Silk last week - really downhill. The food was sickly sweet and totally lacking in spiciness or interest. Everything was cut up very crudely - big chunks, uneven sizes. The soup was the best thing we ordered, but nothing like it used to be.

                      Silk Authentic Thai & Asian Cuisine
                      2907 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6P1Z1, CA

              2. thai chef, on ronncy! best in area, unfortunately.
                used to be a place, where baan thai is now, called somporn thai cuisine... still the best i've had ever! used to order once a week at a minimum. unfortunatly they sold to baan thai. Somporn was cooking there for a while, I guess as a condition of the takeover, but after she left, it is terrible, in my opinion. God I miss somporn. still have her number though, she will cater.

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                1. re: pbelanger

                  second that... I'm pretty sure that Thai Chef is the best in the area, and one of the better Thai restaurants in the city (not saying much). They advertise that they have thai chefs trained in Thailand and they deliver