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Jun 21, 2010 12:54 PM

Please help me get over my egg loathing

I have a tough time eating foods with certain strong smells and the sulfur of eggs gets to me. Would better eggs (i.e. fresher, pastured chickens) reduce the sulfur smell? Can anyone recommend a San Francisco egg source if so? There is a seller that brings eggs to the Heart of the City Farmers' Market twice a week but I haven't tried their eggs yet. I'm a bit suspicious of the low price, I think it's $3.50 for two or three dozen?

It seems like such a shame I don't like such a cheap non-meat source of protein that cooks so quickly.

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  1. The sulfur smell is not mandatory...comes from overcooking. Try this, perhaps the most delicious way to eat eggs. Boil eggs for 4 minutes, scoop contents into bowl, add butter and trffle oil, salt and pepper, eat with focaccia toast. Secret...eggs should be a bit runny. If too runny for your taste, zap bowl in microwave for just few seconds.

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      Trying to get over ick factor of runny eggs...want this to not bother me! Is this one of those things that grosses you out and then you eat it and fall in love, like marrow?

      1. re: pointybird

        Runny eggs gross me out as much as swallowing a raw egg ... or that mucus looking film covering sunnyside up eggs. I never fell in love with them. I'm not a fan of egg whites and don't want to see white pieces in my scrambled eggs.

        But I also think over-cooking brings out the worst in eggs. There is a happy medium where you don't have to eat slimy eggs.

        Anyway ... do you like ceasar salad or have you never tried it?

        No souffes? You might consider Betty's Oceanview Diner for their souffle omelets.

        I'm in the camp that it doesn't matter taste-wise that much where you buy the egg. It is more visual thing with some yolks being brighter.

        If you like French toast how about a Croque Monseur or a Monte Cristo.

      1. actually the flats of 20-30 eggs at civic center plaza are great. fresh and tasty. slow oven baking--under 200 degrees for 2 hrs or so, produces a very nicely hard egg with much less "sulfur" flavor

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          You guys are the greatest. Now I wish I'd bought a big bunch of eggs at the market yesterday! In my defense I had just spent $35 on honey from Marshall's and I wasn't sure how to get that and the eggs home, heh. They have fresh-fresh honey from Berkeley that's just haunting.

          Will report back with my eggs-periments. Sorry.

        2. I have the same issue. I recently braved a vegetarian tasting menu, that including a perfectly poached farm fresh egg. I hated it. Itried so hard to like it. Per ny times/ washington post, farmers market eggs don't taste much better than grocery store ones. good luck though, I hope you fare better than I did in this endeavor!

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          1. re: milklady

            Oh milklady! I hope you're wrong. You may not be. I went to Mexico a couple of years ago for 2 weeks and I was on another egg-liking kick so I tried eggs every day for two weeks. EVERY DAY. In all kinds of ways. And I never liked them. Sigh. But thank you very much for your information.

            1. re: pointybird

              It sounds like we're very similar in this regard! I am realizing that I can often handle a few bites of intensely flavored quiche or frittata that is mostly vegetables, for example. But eggs on their own, I just can't do it. I'm just happy my kids haven't inherited my aversion!

          2. Try using eggs in dishes that use more then just eggs. The egg taste in Spanish omelettes/tortilla Espanola is very low IMO and if you make a big one it'll last a few days. .

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            1. re: ML8000

              "Try using eggs in dishes that use more then just eggs."

              Good advice. Personally, I can't stand the texture of fried (over easy) eggs, so I just avoid them.

              Things to try containing eggs: Frisee Salad with lardons and poached egg (break the egg and stir into the dish); Quiche; eggs scrambled with piperade (or other delicious things), custards (e.g. cream brulee, etc.), souffles, both sweet and savory, etc.

              It is hard to imagine fine dining without eggs.

              1. re: Paul H

                I do seem to like eggy things where the flavor is covered up. Like custards with cinnamon or whatnot. So sad! I wish I could just hold my nose and enjoy it.

              2. re: ML8000

                funny that you hit on the exact egg dish that I like, and make, and was hoping to branch out from, ha ha ha! I do love tortillas, and I haven't found a good source of them in SF besides mah own kitchen.

                1. re: pointybird

                  The thing about getting a Tortilla Espanola at a restaurant is they serve one slice for a chunk of dough. Making your own is was more economical and since eggs are inexpensive protein, I think that's part of the deal.

                  You might try French toast with really fresh eggs mixed with a little milk or cream and really good bread (cinnamon bread or brioche).

                  1. re: ML8000

                    I love french toast. Sigh. Maybe I am doomed to sticking to tortilla and french toast and frittatas like milklady says.

                2. re: ML8000

                  PS there used to be a restaurant at Guererro/16th, I forget the name of the place, it's closed now, and they had a terrific tortilla. The rest of the food, not so good, but a very high perfectly cooked tortilla with a wonderful zippy Romesco on the side. I've tried to replicate it so many times but I haven't been able to.

                    1. re: pointybird

                      Was that Esperpento? If so, they moved a few blocks down Valencia quite a few years ago, so it might still exist. I'm not sure.

                      Esperpento Restaurant
                      3295 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                      1. re: maigre

                        I think you might be thinking of Cafe Piccaro (aka Cafe Pick Your Nose) which is also owned by the Esperpento people. Esperpento has been at 22nd/Valencia for as long as I can remember.

                        Esperpento Restaurant
                        3295 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110