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Jun 21, 2010 12:45 PM

Cigale Cafe

Good Afternoon,

Has any Chowhound been to Cigale Cafe in Oak Park, if you have how was it?

Thanks in advance,

Cigale Cafe
702 Lindero Canyon Road # 704, Oak Park, CA 91377

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  1. We went shortly after it opened. The interior is nice but they were still working on the patio, which is where we prefer to sit.

    It's been a while so I don't remember what we ordered, but as I recall everything was okay, not outstanding but a nice bistro type place with a nice menu and pleasing food.

    We will be going back, if the patio is open, and I'll post a full report. Sorry I don't remember more.

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    1. re: LesThePress

      Thanks, I was waiting on your review...looking forwards to seeing it. We are creaures of old habits, going to Leila's

    2. My review on Opentable was deleted and suddenly lots of raving reviews started popping up. So I thought I'd post my original review here:
      Being a resident of Oak Park, I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. They offered a glass shaker of parmesan cheese (like the one you find in a pizza parlor) with my husband's shrimp and scallop provencale pasta dish ($26). When he asked for freshly grated parmesan they said it would be $1.50. I hardly call that "casual elegant" or even normal for the food price range. The scallops in the pasta were a tad bit overcooked otherwise my husband enjoyed the dish. I had the boeuf bourguignon which tasted heavily of burgundy, it was not fall-apart tender, definitely had to cut it with a knife. The boeuf came with mashed potatoes which was slightly on the grainy watery side. I give the bread basket with tapenade a thumbs up though.