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Cigale Cafe

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Good Afternoon,

Has any Chowhound been to Cigale Cafe in Oak Park, if you have how was it?

Thanks in advance,

Cigale Cafe
702 Lindero Canyon Road # 704, Oak Park, CA 91377

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  1. We went shortly after it opened. The interior is nice but they were still working on the patio, which is where we prefer to sit.

    It's been a while so I don't remember what we ordered, but as I recall everything was okay, not outstanding but a nice bistro type place with a nice menu and pleasing food.

    We will be going back, if the patio is open, and I'll post a full report. Sorry I don't remember more.

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      Thanks, I was waiting on your review...looking forwards to seeing it. We are creaures of old habits, going to Leila's

      1. re: gdodgerfan

        Can't go wrong with Leila's!!

    2. My review on Opentable was deleted and suddenly lots of raving reviews started popping up. So I thought I'd post my original review here:
      Being a resident of Oak Park, I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. They offered a glass shaker of parmesan cheese (like the one you find in a pizza parlor) with my husband's shrimp and scallop provencale pasta dish ($26). When he asked for freshly grated parmesan they said it would be $1.50. I hardly call that "casual elegant" or even normal for the food price range. The scallops in the pasta were a tad bit overcooked otherwise my husband enjoyed the dish. I had the boeuf bourguignon which tasted heavily of burgundy, it was not fall-apart tender, definitely had to cut it with a knife. The boeuf came with mashed potatoes which was slightly on the grainy watery side. I give the bread basket with tapenade a thumbs up though.