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Jun 21, 2010 12:03 PM

Besh on TLC

Has anybody else heard of this show on TLC debuting tonight? "Inedible to Incredible"? I'm almost at the saturation point in terms of cooking shows, but Besh is very likable and I'll probably at least give it an initial look-see.

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  1. I hadn't heard of it, but thanks for the heads-up!

    1. I like what Besh is doing with the victims? perpetrators? to teach techniques and basic principles, but I find the whole ambush set up fairly painful. These women were pretty good sports.

      1. Started to watch it but was unimpressed with the women's cooking. Was not impressed with the cooking mess, to many messing outrageous cooking shows

        1. I didn't know about it until I was turning the channel to TLC and saw it coming on. He's an impressive chef but I couldn't watch. The first couple - the wife who couldn't cook - was unbearable to watch. I could NOT believe a woman in 2010 didn't know how to cook.

          Didn't Gordon Ramsay have a show like this too?

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          1. re: paris221966

            That sounds pretty sexist of you to say that you could NOT believe a woman in 2010 didn't know how to cook. lol
            I'm sure there are lots of people out there who do not know how to cook even if it is 2010, more so than 40 years ago because of all the options for personal chefs, fast food and other eating out options and frozen dinners and prepacked fully cooked dinners at most grocery stores now' and there really isn't home ec in schools anymore. Kids today are lucky if a parent is home to cook and show them how it's done.
            There have been other shows like this that I have seen, similar at least. I wish Besh the best, he's a nice guy and I have no problem with him trying to make all the money he can while he can.

            1. re: roro1831

              Oh goodness. I ruffled everyone's feathers. Calm down - calm down.

              My parents rarely took us out to eat. I had to eat my mom's cooking which wasn't the best.

              I was a former dishwasher promoted to cook. The chef taught me how to cook - not my mom.

              I didn't learn how to cook for a dumb man. I learned how to cook because I was given the opportunity.

              I know Chef Besh from being a contestant on Iron Chef. I'm sure his show will be successful. Famous chefs always do very well in life.


            2. re: paris221966

              "I could NOT believe a woman in 2010 didn't know how to cook. "
              Really? I'd hazard a guess there are many, many more people (women and men alike) in 2010 who DON'T know how to cook then there were in the 1960s. As roro said - processed foods, frozen foods, supermarkets selling pre-cooked dinners in their deli section - I see more people buy that stuff than fresh products with which to create a meal.

              Eating out was a luxury in the 1960s - and a special occasion and a HUGE treat for us kids. Now, it's Fast Food City or the mall food court. Why cook when you can shove a chicken nugget into their faces to keep kids quiet? Ugh.

              1. re: paris221966

                Of the two episodes so far, both bad cooks have been women. It looked like one of them had some decent ideas, but never learned how to get from concept to final dish. The other had a good excuse for bad cooking in a modern kitchen - she grew up in a remote arctic village with very limited food stuffs. She seemed to have a lot of anxiety about undercooking meat, which is understandable if she didn't have access quality meat growing up. She also didn't know how to prepare fresh vegetables b/c she grew up with canned only, and didn't know how to season foods b/c everything growing up was already salted for preservation.

                1. re: mpjmph

                  The Arctic woman had quite a story, but I'm left wondering how much is staged. Are they really *that proud* of their dishes? And have they really never seen a recipe before? They looked at the recipe like he'd given them kryptonite or something equally alien.

                  Many people I know who don't cook admit they don't cook, which made the show fascinating to me in a can't-look-away way. I think many of my local mom friends rely on take-out and Trader Joe's prepared (or mostly prepared) meals. The grocery store also seems to do a nice deli/hot food business. I get rave reviews for meals I take friends with new babies -- beyond what I think a certain dish deserves IMHO, but if their own cooking makes even one or two of the missteps these women make, that would explain a lot. (Overcooking meat, under seasoning, ill-advised pairings...)

                2. re: paris221966

                  "I could NOT believe a woman in 2010 didn't know how to cook. "

                  Really??? How is she expecting to find herself a good husband to take care of her without that essential skill???

                  1. re: chowser

                    It would make more sense to say "I could NOT believe a woman in 1960 didn't know how to cook. "

                3. The woman from arctic Canada looked like she couldn't even stand her own cooking. She couldn't have weighed more than 28 pounds.....