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Jun 21, 2010 11:12 AM

cheap eats in or near Mendocino

We're doing a romantic overnight inn stay in Mendocino. Unfortunately, the inn owner wants to be paid for this, so we're left with loose change to pay for meals. We're looking for places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cool grocers (we'll have a tiny kitchen until check-out), or anything else fun and affordable.
Also - we'll be coming up 128 from the bay area, if you know of the similar spots on the way, that would be great. My TomTom shows me the restaurants as we go - but tells me nothing about them. You chowhounds have never steered me wrong.

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  1. For lunch, check out the Mendocino Market/Deli.
    The menu changes daily, but we've always found something tasty to take on a picnic. Ask your "greedy" innkeeper for locations overlooking the ocean w/ tables.
    Breakfast shouldn't be too expensive anywhere. Check the bakery on site above.
    For dinner, I'll let others help as I don't know what you consider" affordable".