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Jun 21, 2010 10:24 AM

Lunch in Escondido or San Marcos area

hi everyone

looking for a lunch spot in Escondido or San Marcos. we are visiting some breweries in that area and need a nice spot for lunch.
any type food okay
price range up to $20 per person (for food )

im thinking seafood or taco/mexican is the best bet in this area?


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  1. Others could probably help you on Mexican in that area, particularly kare_raisu, but I can confidently suggest Pho Saigon in Escondido.

    They have a broad menu similar to Pho Hoa Cali, (Pho, Com Tam, Bun, etc.), though I have only tried their Pho and it is both consistent and one of the best I've had in the county. For sure they do have the best noodles - the texture they achieve is exquisite, and I have been told on at least 2 separate occasions by their owner that they are actually made on the premises.

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      thanks! didnt realize great pho was to be had outside LA county. haha thanks for the tip. great hot pho might be a good option after all that beer tasting!

    2. Hacienda de Vega is one of the best places for lunch in Escondido..
      Outside patio with the huge waterfall and lots of flowers is lovely.
      It's behind the North County Fair shopping center off the I-15.

      1. It will be at the edge of your budget but you could eat at Stone World Bistro (I assume you are visiting there and Lost Abbey?). I had the prime rib melt recently and was very pleasantly surprised.

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          yup we are visting Stone and Lost Abby/Port Brewery.

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            I have to disagree about Stone, I found the food there very disappointing; it seems like they are selling it on the sourcing of the ingredients alone without any attention to cooking technique. The prices are quite high too. Probably the worst lamb shank I've ever had.

            Go for beers and you still get to enjoy the beautiful setting, but pass on the food IMHO.

          2. Cenote Grill has great nuevo Mexican.
            Also Canapes, San Marcos Behind the San Marcos Brewery, San Marcos Blvd.

            Cenote Grill
            1896 W El Norte Pkwy, Escondido, CA 92026

            1. Cocina De Maria!


              Awesome home-style Mexican cooking. The salsa is incredible.