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Towson Recommendations?

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I'll be on a 3-day business trip right in the middle of downtown Towson, and need to figure out how I'm going to spend my $61 per diem! Thanks for any help!

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  1. Not going to break that per diem, but saving at lunch could help you do better at dinner...

    Though it looks like a dive from the road (OK, it is!), this place has FANTASTIC Cheesesteaks. Seriously, my wife made me drive up from DC (TWICE!!!) while she was pregnant with our first child.

    Bubba's of Towson
    905 York Rd, Towson, MD 21204

    1. And then since you're staying in downtown Towson, you need to catch the lightrail down into Bmore.

      Search the MANY posts on crabcakes and Baltimore. THAT would be the best thing to have while in Towson. FYI - I went to Towson U a few years ago and lived off campus but I worked as a chef in Fells Point. Food and Towson are not really well connected... Good food options involve a car.

      I REALLY advise saving at bfast and lunch and going on the road for dinner. If you're not from the region, there a LOT of local highlights that I would recommend you explore. But again, not that close to Towson.

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        Note: There are no Light Rail stops in Towson. The nearest one is Lutherville, at least a mile or so from downtown Towson. (The two are connected by the No. 11 bus, which is about a 45-50-minute ride from Towson to downtown.) There is decent food in Towson, esp sushi, but the best food is definitely to the south.

      2. A lot of the restaurants have amazing lunch specials (great bang for the buck!). If you like sushi, a lunch special at Sushi Hana is a must! If you prefer Thai, try Thai One On.
        I also recently had a superb lunch at Cafe Troi, which is a locally-owned Italian restaurant. The interior is stunning, and the food was excellent.
        If you want something more informal, I also love Zia's. They have great sandwiches with the freshest ingredients, delicious coffee, and a juice/smoothie bar.

        Sushi Hana
        4 E Pennsylvania Ave, Towson, MD 21286

        1. Bahama Breeze at the Mall - it's a chain but the food is really good and they have great mojitos. I second Sushi Hana, and there is a little peruvian chicken place on York Rd at Washington called Pollo Amigo. Other than that, there is not much in Towson ( I work here, I bring my lunch EVERY DAY), so go to Baltimore City.

          Bahama Breeze
          100 E Joppa Rd, Towson, MD 21286

          Sushi Hana
          4 E Pennsylvania Ave, Towson, MD 21286

          1. Cafe Troia, 7 West would be your best bet if you have no car

            Cafe Troia
            31 Allegheny Avenue, Towson, MD 21204

            1. Ditto on KEBOB HUT-- surprisingly delish and the folks are kind. If your per diem can absorb a short cab ride, I'd make an extra effort to get to ORCHARD MARKET AND CAFE for yummy Persian food (http://www.orchardmarketandcafe.com/). TOWSON HOT BAGEL is a good hot walking breakfast, SPRO COFFEE for that perfect latte or cappuccino (just within the Towson Library ramp). As others have mentioned, Cafe Troia is a fine recommendation and will soak up a good bit of your per diem but I find it sedate in the flavor department. People are going to boo me for this, but I've always thought THE CREASE was good for a down and dirty turkey platter -- the fries are excellent, the gravy is good, salty and there's lots of it and the turkey is heaped on spongy white bread. It's comforting and tasty and oh so good with a beer while you watch the game. And you must order cole slaw on the side to make this nutritionally balanced.

              Cafe Troia
              31 Allegheny Avenue, Towson, MD 21204

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                The Crease is still open after all of these years? What a surprise! Haven't been there in about 20 years, but used to like their burgers. FoiGras

                1. If you're there on a Thursday, the farmers market is right at the Dulaney Valley Circle from 10:30 to 2:30. The IcedGemsBaking cupcake truck is around there, too, during that time. Hands down best cupcakes in Baltimore.

                  1. I highly recommend Stoney River Steakhouse. I know that many Chowhounds are opposed to the chain restaurants, but after dining there last night and having a wonderful meal experience then I would suggest you give it a try.

                    Our server, Justin, was very professional and had a great sense of humor. When I asked for a substitution, Justin said that he would send over the manager. The manager, Bobby Brown, was very accommodating and honored my request. We had a lively conversation with Mr. Brown. Both gentleman enhanced our dining experience.

                    The food was surprisingly good. A fantastic steak sandwich with delicious french fries. The Caesar salad was very fresh and abundant. The poppy seed rolls (my husband commented that they resembled donut holes) were accompanied by a honey/cinnamon butter. My appetizer of mini lambchops came with a huge mound of fried onions.

                    This is good, standard American-type fare. Nothing trendy. And, it didn't "break the bank." It's the type of restaurant that one can dine without having a special occasion for an excuse.

                    As far as another recommendation, Cafe Troia is in the heart of Towson (not a chain). A lovely atmosphere and very good food--leaning towards Italian. There is a wonderful veal chop on their menu. The ravioli with fresh salmon is also an excellent dish.

                    IN any event, welcome to the area and Bon Appetite. FoiGras

                    Cafe Troia
                    31 Allegheny Avenue, Towson, MD 21204

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                      If only parking was a bit better.....

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                        Valet parking is available at the Mall. We lucked out and found a parking space near the restaurant/Mall entrance. (And, not the Bobby Brown you're thinking of, thankfully). We only left with doggy bags full of good leftovers from Stoney River. FoiGras

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                          Tis' True. Valet sounds smart. Oh good to hear it is a Different Bobby Brown..I was wondering what he might be doing down here. Although I wouldn't be the least bit surprised

                    2. second for Zia's for lunch.
                      Pho Dat Thanh is good for a quick Vietnamese lunch.