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Jun 21, 2010 09:59 AM

Chow-worthy places with young kids

Kids eat anything, but looking for lunch/dinner options where they are welcome (1,3,5).
Staying in Financial District, so looking for surrounding neighborhoods (especially lunch). However, we'll be traveling all around so please include other options too if they fit.

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  1. anything? I searched old threads, but many just focused on kid friendly places not the food.

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      Isn't that exactly what you asked for? "Chow-worthy places with young kids " This comes up at least once per week. Surprised old threads didn't help.

      1. re: readytocook


        My guess is that you need to be more specific, for your lunch places, about your food needs/interests (are you looking for ethnic (which?)/hole in the wall? more high end?) specific price range - in dollars, not descriptions (moderate to you might be very expensive to me); and neighborhoods/ transportation - e.g. "10 minute cab-ride from Wall Street" (as that's an issue with kids!)

        More generally: "all around"? There are thousands of places!

        For instance, if you're going to the AMNH (dinosaurs!), use UWS for your search for instance - You'll probably have to do some checking back and forth between what you turned up on your "kids" search, and a search for the individual restaurants...

        And there's always the phone! Find a likely candidate and give them a call - I think for kids that young, the restaurants will have a clear sense of whether it's "doable" or not! In terms of decorum, wait time, and so on...

        1. re: readytocook

          > many just focused on kid friendly places not the food

          If you're interested in a specific place, I would recommend searching on the name of the restaurant to get a sense of the food, drink, atmosphere, etc. Did any of them pique your interest specifically?

          If someone is here asking for kid friendly joints, and we respond with a bunch of suggestions, I would take it as an implicit recommendation of BOTH the food and appropriateness for kids.