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Salmon Roe - Any Ideas?

Hey Hounds - I am left with a decent amount of salmon roe following a party where they were served on blini's. Anybody have suggestions for me? Recipies or what have you? Can they be frozen? (I'm not guessing they can be, just asking.) Thanks! Happy summer!

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  1. Oh, I would make taramasalata. Some recipes call for bread, some for potatoes. Go with the bread versions! Serve with a full set of meze and perhaps some grilled lamb chunks.

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      That is an awesome idea, thank you! :-)

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        p.s. This version looks pretty authentic, but I didn't search extensively.

    2. top it on deviled eggs

      1. I love them over hot white rice (Japanese).

        1. How much do you have and how long has it been open? If I force myself, I can eat 2 oz. at a sitting.

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            I can do that without "forcing" myself ...

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              Well, I didn't and won't give my definition of "force." With all the great and cheap domestic stuff around now, I've considered a little dinner party where everyone got their own jar and caviar spoon.

          2. i love the stuff and always eat it with soba noodle/asparagus/broad beans/cold tofu.

            1. Top a swiss cheese omelette with sour cream and salmon roe. Yum.

              1. Anybody know how long the stuff lasts in an unopened jar? I found a jar in the way back of my pantry recently and it doesn't seem to have a use by date.


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                  It wasn't refrigerated? I thought it HAD to be kept in the coldest part of the fridge preferably on a bed of ice that gets changed as it melts. For your sake, I hope I'm terribly wrong about this.

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                    Pasteurized caviar can last unrefrigerated for up to 6 months if UNOPENED.

                    But who wants pasteurized roe? Go fresh, or don't go at all.

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                      If I remember right I bought it for New Years for the whole good luck eat eggs thing and knowing that I love it at the sushi bar. Definitely pasteurized and past the 6 month mark so I'll toss it. Thanks for the info.

                      PS I don't think they sell the fresh stuff anywhere w/in 100 miles of here (except maybe the sushi place).

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                      Jars of salmon eggs are sometimes pasteurized and stored at room temperature.
                      If it needs refrigeration the label will say so. Fresh salted salmon eggs will always need refrigeration.

                  2. I know this sounds weird, but I can eat them by themselves.

                    You can also put them on many things like white rice, bread, biscuits, crackers....

                    1. fried salmon roe cakes - though I cannot offer you a recipe they are fairly normal fare at fish and chip shops in London

                      1. Cut an avocado in half, remove the pit, and with a sharp knife score the surface down to the skin. Marinate with ponzu sauce (from a Japanese grocery) in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then fill each half with salmon roe. The color contrast is stunning. Then eat with a small spoon.

                          1. I love it on baked potatoes with butter and sour cream. (I tend to have a few bites of just the still cold sour cream and roe, then - and this is only rec'd if it doesn't freak you out to consider - I stir everything together once the potato has cooled somewhat. You end up with a pink, fishy baked potato. That is delicious.)

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                              Great idea!. I'll try it with fresh herbs from the patio.

                            2. Thanks, everyone, for great ideas! went the egg route and really enjoyed it with a bottle of champagne!