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Jun 21, 2010 09:25 AM

Foodie's market in South Boston?

I'm reading that a Foodie's store will be coming to West Broadway in Southie. I walk W. Broadway every day and can't imagine where it 's going.

This is great news for me since I don't own a car and use peapod 90% of the time.

Anyone familiar with their other locations? What can I expect as far as quality and price?

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  1. Foodies is going in on Broadway between C & D Street, where the abandoned nut factory building currently stands. This is great for the neighborhood - not only does it add a much-needed grocery store, but also renovates a total eyesore on Broadway.

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    1. re: msw79

      Thanks! I hadn't noticed any activity over there.

      This will be much closer to me than Stop & Shop and right on my way home from the T. I'm getting psyched now!

    2. Has anybody heard anything more on the status of the proposed Foodie's in South Boston? I remember reading an article a few months ago indicating a Fall 2011 opening. However, it does not appear any work has commenced at the site.

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      1. re: msw79

        Word is they have run into zoning/regulatory issues and it is on hold....

          1. re: chovies

            Typical in this state.

            Why would we want to renovate a run down old building for a high end food market that will only raise property values?