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Jun 21, 2010 08:48 AM

TNFNS: Season 6, Episode 3 (Spoiler Alert!)


so i'm guessing we're all relieved that Dzintra is gone...? i sure am, though i wish they could have booted Paul as well. his whole delivery really makes me uncomfortable.

  1. Okay, I'll add on here. Paul is so awkward and the worst part is he doesn't realize how awkward he is so he can't learn. He actually thinks he's funny ("I'm a white boy cookin' asian food!"). I loved that they called him on being condescending to Serena AND that he placed below her and was bottom two. I would have been happy w/ Dzintra or Paul leaving. Dzintra was edging on scary--watching her was like watching multiple personalities having a conversation. Paul was so demeaning to Serena as just as home cook and seems to have forgotten that his audience is going to be all home cooks who he just slammed. It's too bad we can't vote in because that would be fun--or to vote against.

    Note to Brianna and Daz--calling yourself sexy makes you not. I couldn't watch a show w/ Daz because his ego would be the center of the show. So many of these contestants are just space fillers until they finally get to the real contenders, which I'd put down to Artie, Aria and Herb.

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      I'm gonna comment just so I can track of this thread easier. While I agree that the whole sexy talk was stupid, I somehow think Daz is basically a good guy and am kind of rooting for him. He doesn't really speak to the camera tho as so many don't this time, so he'll probably be out in the next few weeks. And the chef with the cap, he's just not living up to his potential both cooking and on air. Altho I noticed they didn't really tell him what was wrong with his dish, at least that we saw.

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