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best nachos in dallas?

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I'm looking for some recommendations on your favorite nachos in Dallas. The best nachos I've had are the trash can nachos at Tequilla Barrell in Playa del Carmen,Mexico. Alas, I will not be going back to my favorite beach for another couple of months and I'm craving good nachos something fierce! So wanted to hear where I can find your favorite nachos. *Shredded chicken is a plus.*
Anywhere in uptown/smu/tollway@Royal/ Addison/West Plano/and Frisco areas are convenient to me. Thanks so much! :-)

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  1. Try the Mas Elegante's at Taco Diner. They are by far the best I've had here and I'm generlly not a Taco Diner fan.

    Taco Diner
    432 Grand Ave, Southlake, TX 76092

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      Thank you! I will definitely give them a try. :-)

    2. What makes good nachos is very much a matter of personal taste. But I am rather partial to the Chicken nachos at the Snookie's on Oak Lawn.