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Jun 21, 2010 07:46 AM

best nachos in dallas?

I'm looking for some recommendations on your favorite nachos in Dallas. The best nachos I've had are the trash can nachos at Tequilla Barrell in Playa del Carmen,Mexico. Alas, I will not be going back to my favorite beach for another couple of months and I'm craving good nachos something fierce! So wanted to hear where I can find your favorite nachos. *Shredded chicken is a plus.*
Anywhere in uptown/smu/tollway@Royal/ Addison/West Plano/and Frisco areas are convenient to me. Thanks so much! :-)

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  1. Try the Mas Elegante's at Taco Diner. They are by far the best I've had here and I'm generlly not a Taco Diner fan.

    Taco Diner
    432 Grand Ave, Southlake, TX 76092

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      Thank you! I will definitely give them a try. :-)

    2. What makes good nachos is very much a matter of personal taste. But I am rather partial to the Chicken nachos at the Snookie's on Oak Lawn.