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Where to buy Sushi/Sashimi Grade Fish in Farfield County, CT

While I know and understand that there is no specific regulation that makes something "Sushi Grade" I was wondering if anyone know of some trust worthy places to purchase Sushi Grade Fish for Raw consumption?

I did a search and found posts that where over 2 years old. In 2008 there was a post that had these recommendations:

- The Bon Ton Fish Market in downtown Greenwich on Greenwich Avenue
- New Wave Seafood in Stamford on Camp Street in Stamford
- Fjord fisheries on Post Road in Southport
- Price Chopper in Southington/Waterbury

I am wondering if anyone has tried to purchase from Whole Foods Market or some other markets?

My only other alternative that I have found is online websites that will ship you fish that has been frozen to -4 F for at least seven days (which is the min recommended).


I appreciate it if someone could recommend something or at least confirm one of the places listed above from two years ago


New Wave Cafe
143 N Front St, New Bedford, MA 02740

Whole Foods Market
Railroad Ave, Andover, MA 01810

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  1. I buy fish from Fjord Fisheries that I serve raw...mostly tuna, but they have a very nice selection overall. I am not impressed with Whole Foods at all. I've heard great things about Pagano's in Norwalk, but I have never been as it is just a little too far...
    However, I don't think any of these places will tell you it is "safe" to eat the fish raw...

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      Be careful...

      While living on the Upper East Side a decade ago (and listening to Jim on FOODTALK)
      a new sushi place opened up across from my apartment. I was wary but my GF insisted that we go. Had the edamame and then a few pieces of sushi, which tasted fine but was not extraordinarily good.

      Long story short....Late that night and all the next day I prayed for death.

      And that was at a sushi restaurant. And you, doing it yourself, wouldn't even have a sushi chef to attack with your Ginsu knife should anything go wrong:)

      I would at the very least sear the bejabbers out of the outside of any tuna you buy at retail around here and then say a few Hail Mary's:).

      And of course, these are endangered species mostly that we're talking about here, so maybe we shouldn't eat tuna at all:)

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        I buy from Fjord Fisheries in Cos Cob.. I haven't been disappointed in the quality of product

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          Yep, I feel the same way about Fjord in Westport...never had a problem. Great variety and quality.

      2. One place you might try is Fuji Mart, which is in the silvery-gray "glass box" office building on the south side of the Post Rd in Greenwich, just off exit 5, heading south towards town. It's tucked away in the corner of the building, and hard to see from the road, very small, and carries real Japanese products, catering almost exclusively to Japanese ex-pats. In the back they have a small fish counter, with what looks like very high end, carefully trimmed blocks of sushi-grade fish. I haven't tried it personally, as I go out for sushi, but if I was going to make it, that would be where I went.

        1. Another option (although not in FFC) is to head over to Daido in White Plains. It is a full-on Japanese market / grocer.

          Large selection of sushi-grade fish. The chef from the adjacent high-end Nanase has been seen buying fish there.

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            The one and only place to buy top quality fish in Fairfield county is Bon Ton fish market in Greenwich. They are no longer on greenwich Ave. They moved to Railroad Ave near the Bruce Park Grill.

            Yes they are expensive. But ywe all know that if you want top quality, you have to pay top dollar!!

            They supply fish to Pasta Nostra in SoNo (the only place Chef Joe buys his fish from) Paci in Southport and most of the high end country clubs in Fairfield County.

            Bruce Park Grill
            231 Bruce Park Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

            Pasta Nostra
            116 Washington St, Norwalk, CT 06854

            Paci Restaurant
            96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

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              I have almost completely stopped going out for sushi due to the high quality of the fish at Daido.
              I can spend $50-$75 for everything I need to make a very nice sushi dinner for my family. You can spend a lot less than that if you skip the otoro or chu-toro-which can be very expensive.
              My only advice is to make sure you check the packed date-you want stuff packed that day.
              Now, I only go out for sushi when I want a special omakase and Im prepared to drop the cash.

            2. Whole Foods (at least the one near me, in Milford) has excellent sushi grade tuna & salmon. I've gotten each a few times with no issues in quality or taste--it was all excellent. The only minor issue for me is the price--$24/lb which seems steep but it makes a TON of sushi rolls. It comes frozen (I leave it to defrost for a few hours before assembling rolls--works out perfectly) and you have to ask for it--it's behind the fish counter but not on display. I would call before heading over there to make sure they have it in stock.

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                Wow WF is high, esp. for frozen. Downcounty, we get it 17.99 lb FRESH at New Wave or Stamford Fish in Stamford. Scotts Corner in Pound Ridge sometime has it on sale at 9.99, which they claim is shashimi grade, since I like to do tuna mostly raw, lightly seared with sesame seed coating.

                For my shashimi app, a perfect square tuna cube with ginger and wasabi cream cheese on a toasted wonton wrapper, I prefer Daido in White Plains. Tho pricey, the texture is utterly smooth and the taste bursts over the other flavors..

                apologies, mods, for the 2 NY mentions.

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                  I didn't realize the fish at that Whole Foods was sushi grade. I know when they have the small pink fresh Maine shrimp on sale and I buy a ton of them, I don't look forward to the idea of having to clean them. I spoke with the fish monger there, and he said you can eat them raw, that they were sushi quality. I cooked them intact. :)

                2. I buy my sushi grade tuna at Darien Seafood. After many homemade tuna tartars and no illness/foul taste, I will always buy from there.
                  Not sure if they have other fish sushi grade..but worth a call.

                  1. Personally, I wouldn't buy fish for sushi at Whole Foods. For me, the freshness of their fish leaves a lot to be desired. I'd stick with the higher end markets. My first choice would be Fjord in Greenwich, but only after a looooong Q&A with the manager.

                    1. I second the endorsements of Daido, who display a "packed date" on all their fish. Sashimi grade fish is about the cut as well as freshness. Sometimes you can't see with the naked eye but when you taste the wrong cut, even if it's fresh, you know it's not right. Oh yes! Daido's salmon is unbeatable - so fresh there is no odor whatsoever, and falls like butter when cooked - needs no seasoning. Daido supplies their stores from Fulton market. The salmon used to be a steal, but they raised prices - though even now it's a worthwhile investment at 9.99 a pound.

                      1. Daido in White Plains - great place & would stop there anytime I pass by.

                        In the fish section of Shop-Rite on Cherry St in Milford, talk with the fishmonger there (the taller heavier gent with a great personality). He oversees the fish purchasing & will gladly tell you which fish is of quality to eat uncooked. The prices are reasonable. I haven't had a bad hunk of fish yet. Not available all the time, but he will let you know if something is coming in.

                        BTW, the Blue Point oysters are about $.50 cheaper per piece than WF & probably come out of Norwalk CT.

                        I gotta try WF since the cost of gas going to Daido probably makes picking up a few ounces of salmon worth while given the pricing.

                        Blue Point Restaurant
                        6 Dayton St, Acushnet, MA 02743