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Jun 21, 2010 04:02 AM

Fancy appetizer for cookout

In early July, we're hosting a going away party. There will be lots of kids so, basically, I'm planning a cookout (pulled pork, burgers, etc.).

I do want to make one fancy appetizer and I don't care if kids like it.

I would like to do Thomas Keller's cornets with salmon. However, I want to do three riffs on it and would like advice.

#1: Per the recipe
#2: With plain creme fraiche and American paddlefish caviar
#3: With a basil/herb cream cheese and Keller's tomato sorbet


And, if the cornets fail or I can't make enough of them, could you suggest a (preferably bought...time will be short if the cornets fail) cracker/base to use in more of a canape format?

Melba toast?

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  1. The cornets sound great...and you could use melba toast but I like to use crostini for canapes. Use a loaf of Italian bread, cut slices lengthwise then using a cutter, cut whatever size you need and bake. Use the remaining bread scraps for croutons or crumbs.

    1. I've had those lovely cornets at Per Se. Kudos to you for attempting to make them. Personally, I think melba toast would be the wrong texture. The cornets "cone" is lighter. A quick substitute that I think would work is Whole Foods rice crackers. They are oh so light and airy and would pair well with the salmon & creme fraiche. If you don't have a Whole Foods, I'm certain any other specialty grocer carries a similiar cracker.

      Good Luck!!!

      1. I have used kettle potato chips with smoked salmon, creme fraiche & snipped chive before. They were great and super easy.

        1. I've done these on seedless cucumber slices. I used a v-groove tool to stripe the skin of the cuke and sliced them diagonally. The presentation is lovely with very little prep.