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Jun 21, 2010 12:10 AM

pei food?!

hi all,
quick trip through pei - ferry to charlotte town to summerside to bridge.
any recommendations?

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  1. On our trip to PEI we stopped at Rum Runners on Water Street and we found the food, drinks and service to be excellent. Merchant Man pub seems to get a lot of great reviews, however we have not been. We also took teh bridge and drove to the ferry to leave and don't remember any restaurants along the drive to the ferry. I am not from PEI so have not tried many restaurants to give you a comparison. Hope this helps

    1. I'm from PEI. I'd say definitely try New Glasgow Lobster suppers. If you like seafood its heaven. All you can eat chowder, mussels etc. I usually get a one pound lobster because the rest of the meal is so filling.
      In Charlottetown I'd say the Pilot House but Mavors and Fishbones are also good.

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        Five Eleven West in Summerside at the Credit Union Place and Ship to Shore in Darnley...both worth the trip, amazing food....

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          second the Ship to Shore rec... so good.... especially the crab cakes...

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          Try Ship to Shore; their oyster is the best!

        3. Just tried The Victoria Village Inn. The oysters were nice. Then we waiting for almost AN HOUR for our meals. Kind of ridiculous. And the waitress never apologized or even acknowledged the wait. The bouilliabaise wasn't bad but the halibut was a tad dry and overcooked. The veggies were scant and cool. Expected more for the price, and even though we were not in a hurry it just took too long.

          1. Just returned from PEI. We found that Brits Pub in Charlottetown gave excellent value for the money. Great fish and chips, and they were able to seat our party of 10 without any trouble. Service was very friendly. On the other hand, Rick's Seafood in St. Peter's was disappointing. The line up was long (it took about one hour to get our take out order), the portions, other than the fish and chips, were small, and the forgot to give us one of our meals in the order. Check to make sure you've got everything you ordered, or you may need to make the drive back to the restaurant.

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