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Jun 20, 2010 10:43 PM

Itza bakery

Anyone tried Itza bakery in the Devinish building on 17th ave sw? Someone brought to work a croissant from there and it was pretty flat. Opening jitters maybe?

ITZA Bakeshop
#111, 908-17th ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A3, CA

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  1. Stopped in today. Croissants looked gorgeous, actually.

    But the proof of the baking is in the eating- I got two almond croissants, and they were SPECTACULAR! Almost made me forget about the now-long-gone wonders from Eiffel Tower- these are a little more delicate than those were but absolutely infused with almond flavour and a patina of what I assume is marzipan on the bottom. The edges are sort of caramelized... I was in heaven and would go back all the time just for these.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      did someone say ALMOND CROISSANTS??? Ohhh!
      John did you notice any pain au raisin? I would die for one of those!

      1. re: messier

        Pains au raisin are their specialty!

      2. re: John Manzo

        Good info. I better run over asap!! Man, I miss Eiffel Tower. I wonder what time Itza opens?? I hate it when bakeries open at 9 or later... I like to grab something on my way to work.

        1. re: TSAW

          The link in the original post says 7:30.
          And confirmed on the Facebook page.

          Menu items:
          pain au chocolate
          pain au raisin
          almond croissants
          cheese buns
          gooey cinnamon buns
          whole wheat butter bread
          lemon tarts
          mini eclairs
          vegetarian quiche
          ham and cheese quiche

          1. re: cancowboy

            sounds like tomorrows stop! thanks Cancowboy.

            1. re: cancowboy

              The pain au chocolat was amazing, just the right balance between flakiness and chocolate goodness. My friend got a cheese bun and really liked it as well. The sticky cinnamon buns looked fabulous as well and I wish I had tried an almond croissant.

        2. Stopped in today and bought a croissant and a demi-baguette. The croissant had a good butter flavour, but was too soft for me. I am looking for a textural experience, along with the butter. No flakiness, no crunchy bits on the edges, They are my favourite parts. Haven't found anything here like in France. Manuel's are too airy, Ladybug has a sweet brush over. The same with the baguette; decent enough flavour, but no texture, too soft, like they have dairy in there, and not baked long enough, Sigh, need a France fix....

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          1. re: Albertagirl

            Albertagirl, you may want to try Manuel Latruwe's croisants at Phil & Sebastian. Not as airy, because they're baked in store and not in Manuel's special oven. But they still have the crispy edges and the flakey, flakey layers.

            1. re: Albertagirl

              Please mention your complaints to the owner. She's very receptive to constructive criticism.

              1. re: John Manzo

                John, what I was commenting on with the croissants and baguette are my subjective preferences; many people may like them just as they are. To change them to my taste, beyond baking them a bit more, would be a different recipe/and or technique. I would think she is making them the way she thinks they taste good. To each his/her own!

              2. re: Albertagirl

                Heh, when I was NYC that's exactly how they were at the hotel - just crispy enough on the outside, soft, buttery on the inside. They were unreal.

                1. re: Albertagirl

                  Albertagirl, have you tried the bread at Vendome? They make one that has sort of texture -crispy exterior - quite lovely. A bit salty though - they sprinkle sea salt on the top. Also some herbs, though I couldn't really detect what type of herbs are used...

                  Vendome Cafe
                  940 2 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0E6, CA

                2. Almond croissants - deliciousness confirmed!

                  Apple parcels & pain au chocolat also terrific.

                  3 was my limit though. Want to try the cinnamon twists and gooey buns and pain au raisin next time.

                  Love the 7:30 AM opening time. I would definitely push the almond croissants though - John's description is spot-on.

                  1. lemon tart and veggie quiche were wicked good! The crust she makes is just fantastic! I will be going back soon =)

                    1. Stopped by for a couple pastries on my way back from a run on Saturday morning (balance is the key to life, n'est pas?) from the newest neighbourhood bakery.

                      I'm glad I did.

                      The almond croissants practically jumped out at me as soon as I walked in. Oh. my. goodness. So that's what's been missing in my life.

                      I also couldn't resist the royale. It's a chocolate mousse cake on a chocolate wafer. So light, yet rich and creamy. And such pure chocolate flavour!

                      The drip coffee is decent, made from Cafe Umbria beans out of Seattle. But with Kawa and Chiasso within a couple minutes walk, I'd sooner go there. Hopefully the pastries survive the walk without being prematurely consumed.

                      According to her sister, the owner, Victoria, used to work at Eiffel (RIP), and was co-owner of the well-liked Bistro 2210. So it should come as no surprise that the pastries at Itza Bakeshop are well-executed.

                      On my hit-list for my next visit are a couple of their quiches.

                      It's about two months too late - but welcome to the neighbourhood, Itza Bakeshop!

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                      1. re: can_i_try_some

                        Itza Bakery is truly amazing. BUT, with no street frontage, not many people know about them, and they are in danger of going under. And soon. I work two floors up from them, so am really invested in having them stay open. PLEASE PLEASE support them and urge others to use them as well, esp. as the holiday season is coming up. Thanks!

                        1. re: izzitspam

                          I've stopped in several times over the last few weeks and business seems to have really picked up- great to see!

                          Today I had their sausage roll. Beef sausage from Second To None Meats surrounded by too-rich-for-words puff pastry. I got mine fresh from the oven. HEAVEN.