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Jun 20, 2010 09:04 PM


There are three things you should know about Chris' new digs... good food, amazing drinks and great staff. Bridge View Tavern is a find located in Sleepy Hollow. We have been here a couple of times and the food is always great. From the appetizers (mussels, empanadas, chicken wings, nachos stacked with everything) to the entrees (bacon blue cheeseburger, shrimp po boy, barbequed meats) they were all great. I should also add that everything goes well with their wide selection of draught beers. You walk in to an inviting parlor and most of the time, you're greeted by owner Chris Maceyak. His presence emits comfort to the patrons. It's like a warm, bear huggy kind of a way. And no matter how busy they are, his people are never too busy to cater. This place is just simply wonderful. You don't find a gem like this very often. People never stop coming and I hope they never do...but not when I want my side of the bar.

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  1. Pretty glowing review for a very very average food experience.The bar is nice the people are nice food?? not so nice on a par with a diner in my opinion

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    1. re: ronhall51

      If your usual dining experiences are in five star restaurants, I guess you could consider Bridge View's food average. Otherwise, their food is definitely not diner food.

      1. re: red tequila

        i actually was being kind because the people were very nice.I thought the food was worse then diner food.We were two couples and the other couple was even less impressed.Now maybe i caught them on a bad day thats possible.The problem is
        too many friends post here so sometimes opinions are questionable.

    2. I have also had diner at BVT twice and both times it was very enjoyable. I had the Pulled Pork sandwich and the Brisket sandwich with excellent French Fries and both sandwiches were delicious . My wife had the BBQ Chicken Salad both times and thought it was great. I also think it is a good bang for the buck, and the owner is always in the dinning room talking to the patrons. Not fancy but good.

      1. I concur, I had a very nice lunch there, thought it was above average tavern food.

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          BVT has a great beer selection and much of the staff is just as great. They have become very popular in their first year. Which is a good and bad. Their food is good tavern fair. They are not pretending to be anything but a good to great tavern. It all depends on how you like your BEER! I like my beer hand crafted with great taste. With that said they could have taken it up a notch. I still like the place.

          1. re: Charlie B

            They have had some of the hardest to find beers on tap. Allagash Victor & Victoria, Avery Maharaja, Sixpoint, Mad Elf and more.

            1. re: BFubbles

              Chris Maceyak is deservedly proud of his beer selection; now he just needs a more attentive bartender and wait staff. I had a couple of Captain Lawrence Imperial Smoked Porters there tonight, and BACON!! I don't think I've ever BACON!! tasted a beverage that tasted so of BACON!! It was outstanding. The Moroccan Rubbed Lamb over a blanched spinach salad was a bit strong on the olive brine, but otherwise not bad.

              1. re: tbetz

                We went again more recently for dinner and sat at the bar waiting for the table, our bartender was great, he was very attentive, and made great drinks too. Also have to add that we tried the mac and cheese for an appetizer and it was incredible.

                1. re: tbetz

                  I agree -- being called "pal" and "buddy" by staff members old enough to be your children keeps me from the local gas station, and for that matter, this local restaurant. Neither "pal" nor "buddy" shall I be, when spending my "money."

                  On the beer side, well, yes, they have a good selection of microbrews, if that's your thing. Otherwise, the choice is Pabst BR in a can, or Guinness on tap. But then, microbrews are like the kit cars of beer -- some things are best mass produced in a big factory, and not hand assembled under the tree in your back yard. Not that big factories can't produce quality -- ask BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, but if your running a tavern/pub, why not offer something like a crisp European Pilsner or Ale, along with the Vermont Butter Bacon Pumpkin Winter Ales?

                  As an alternative, check the Tarry Tavern on Main Street in Tarrytown. Good food, decent beer selection, and you'll always be a "guest" and "customer," but never a "buddy" or "pal."

          2. This is a great addition to the area. Since first trying this place a couple of months ago, my wife and I have been back on nearly a weekly basis. The food is very good, and reasonably priced. I love the salads, particularly the Harvest with goat cheese, candied walnuts, and dried cranberries - throw in grilled chicken (a heaping portion), and it's a steal at $12. The burgers here are incredible too. I look forward to expanding out on the menu.