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Jun 20, 2010 08:19 PM

Wonderful Cafe - Union, NJ

Van Gogh's Ear Cafe is a lovely little place, right in Union Center. Food is just great.


lighter fare, very well done.

Wonderful place for a nice lunch. Lunch specials are ridiculously low priced.

Desserts are amazing.

The dinner and later crowd is often filled with teens and folks in their 20's. I have never found them anything but courteous, but for me anyway (just shy of 50), lunchtime is more my speed. If I were in that age bracket, I would think it is a very very very nice place to go...

general website:


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  1. Van Gogh's Ear is a regular spot for me and my girlfriend, although we tend to go more during their late night service. They've just recently started to seriously step up their game with their menu, especially for dinner. They have a new Sunday-dinner-only menu that includes artisan meats and cheeses from a local farm, plus some really creative and delicious starters and entrees. The last time we were there, they had this really interesting savory bread pudding. It's always different every Sunday.

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      i love little cafe places, this isn't overly far for me....might check it out with my boyfriend, and it seems that sundays would be perfect for some palate excitement =)

    2. Would this place be appropriate for a casual-but-business lunch?

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        atmosphere is very eclectic. artsy/coffeeshop type decor, so it depends on what type of business i think. the food would pass muster, but white tablecloth and servers in ties, it ain't. i would do a business lunch with some of my clients, and definitely with colleagues.

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          I am so happy to hear the cafe is still in operation. I haven't been there in about 3 years but my husband and I really enjoyed the health salad and open faced cheese sandwiches we ordered. Do they still offer live music and art shows there?